During the first three months of life Bowlby
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Selective attention refers to a person's ability toonly focus on relevant informationThe optimal child rearing style in which parent rank high in discipling and nurtureAuthoritativeTrue/False An achievement test evaluates a child's evaluation on many subjectsTrueThe cerebral cortex takes until what age to physiology maturein their 20's to completely mature; and to understand consequencesLife span developments are mainlyResearchers and practitionersWhat age do children enter middle childhood7-12 years oldTo help a child rebound from trauma of divorce parents shouldKeep consistency in child's lifeMario believes everyone is out to get himHostile attribution bias; his externalizing tendencies make people not want to be around himInfant mortality is a term that refers to the death of infants that occur within what span of lifeThe first yearDevelopmental psychologist are increasingly focusing on people in their 20's. This stage is calledEmerging adulthoodIn the US poverty is currently MOST prevalent among