Business Result Upper-intermediate Unit 2 Words in Context

54 terms by tebner Teacher

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We're looking at new ways to combat _____.


Finishing the course gave me a real sense of _____.


She is _____ to be an expert in her field.


My values were not in _____ with those of the company.


The _____ will be paid at the end of this month.

annual bonus

They didn't show any _____ for what we'd done.


We offer generous _____ to our staff.

attendance rewards

I have a lot of _____ in my work.


He went to college in an attempt to _____ himself.


Sales successes this quarter have really _____.

boosted staff morale

He told a few jokes to _____.

break the ice

I _____ a friend at the station.

bumped into

You get 10% _____ on everything you sell.


With her new job she gets a _____.

company car

We offer a very attractive _____.

compensation plan

I don't want some _____ with no promise of promotion.

dead-end job

He takes an interest in the career ____ of all his staff.


There's a 5% _____ if you pay cash.


Train _____ have gone up again.


She left her job because she didn't _____.

feel valued

More details about the crash are _____.

filtering through

Bonuses and rewards help to _____.

foster company loyalty

Does your work give you a sense of _____?


They made me a very _____ offer.


Don't believe all the _____ you hear.


New _____ get raises only after a set period of time.


He went to a college of agriculture and _____.


The new management techniques aim to _____.

improve performance

Under the _____ employees will earn prizes for good attendance.

incentive scheme

She _____ in a disagreement between two of her colleagues.


About 10% of trainees fail to _____.

make the grade

There are a lot of _____ about this disease.


As usual, she completely _____ the conversation.


She's very good at _____ her staff.


Employees appreciate _____ such as free gifts or travel vouchers.

non-cash rewards

We offer a ______.

non-contributory pension plan

You are entitled to an _____ for finishing all of your projects on time this year.

on-time bonus

The _____ benefits of the changes are high.


_____ include a car and free health insurance.


We need both negative and _____ from our customers.

positive feedback

His manager is full of _____ for his work.


All senior employees get _____.

private medical insurance

We offer a _____.

profit-sharing scheme

Teachers deserve more _____ for their work.


He made a _____ about the weather.


Your _____ will consist of salary plus cash bonuses.

remuneration package

We are trying to improve customer _____.


Everyone who works for the store gets a generous _____.

staff discount

The company needs to improve its _____.

staff retention

She's working for an overseas _____.


If we work Sundays, we get _____ during the week.

time in lieu

She left her job for _____ reasons.


House prices _____ in different parts of the country.


They gave me a _____ for a free meal.


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