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LCMS 6th grade Social Studies - McDonald


-the 2nd longest river in Europe. It originates in the Alps and flows down to the Black Sea.

The letter D = The Danube flows



-originates in the foothills of the Alps and flows northwest to the North Sea.

The letter R = The Rhine...


English Channel

-a narrow sea between Great Britain (U.K.) and France.

Mediterranean Sea

-the world's largest inland sea, located between Europe, Africa and Asia.

European Plain

-big, flat farmland stretching from France's Atlantic coast to the Ural Mts. in Russia.


-a mountain range in south-central Europe stretching from eastern France and northern Italy through Switzerland and Austria.


-a mountain range along the border between France and Spain. Most of these mountains are in Spain.


-a mountain range in western Russia that forms the border between Europe and Asia.

Iberian Peninsula

-in southwest Europe. Contains Portugal and Spain.

Scandinavian Peninsula

-in northern Europe. Contains Norway and Sweden.

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