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A period of intense artistic and intellectual activity, said to be a 'rebirth' of Greco-Roman culture. Usually divided into an Italian Renaissance, from roughly the mid-fourteenth to mid-fifteenth century, and a Northern Renaissance 1400-1600 (445)


"the bench" addapted to "bank"


Independent city found in Sumer included village and lands around it. Each city had its own leaders and government.

balance of power

a distribution of power among nations to prevent any one nation from becoming too powerful

civic humanism

a variant of republicanism indicating active, participatory, patriotic citizenship as well as the ethos and educational ideal that goes with it


created by Ficino who was commissioned by Cosimo de'Medici. Said that all things were divine.

liberal arts

What the humanists studied. This included grammar, rhetoric, poetry, moral philosophy or ethics, and history.


an intelectual movement that took place during the Renaissance. Critical thinking


when artists paint in plaster. It causes cracks over time. Sistine chapel's cieling was a fresco.


a way of seeing from a particular location

Spanish Inquistion

systematic destruction of Muslims and Jews, forced them to get out of Spain, convert to Christianity, or die; was fall of Spain since Jews and Muslims were the merchants


synthesizing both beliefs of platonism and christianity


appointing family members to jobs even if they are not qualified. Sixtus IV was know for abusing nepotism.

patron (patronage)

the practice of awarding titles to gain political support. Popes were the great patrons of the Renaissance culture.


beliefs that contrdict the official teachings of a religion or church; one who holds such beliefs is called a heretic 31


The christian effort to drive the muslims from spain


classical Greco-Roman culture


The emphasis on the here and-now rather than on the spiritual and otherworldly

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