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soon after 9/11 people were confused why it happened, what the point was; many said al Qaeda has no clear strategy and the attacks were just "nihilistic"
but based on publications of senior members, very clear strategy and goals
goal is manifested in two discourses (one for followers, one for the whole Muslim community):
1) far-away enemy vs. close enemy: local jihad movements in Muslim countries, especially al-Jihad in Egypt, failed to overthrow the secular regimes that proved more powerful
power of "secular" regimes in Muslim countries, ie close enemies, is the result of outside forces that support them like superpower America, so you need to overthrow far away enemy first, force them to withdraw support from un-Islamic regimes
for instance, all minor Gulf countries are basically American protectorates, military presence in SA, $6 billion a year to Egypt
assumes that armed jihad is the revolutionary overthrow of secular and tyrannical regimes in Muslim countries and the establishment of a truly Muslim society (like Sayyid Qutb and Mawdudi say)
clearest source of this is Zawahiri's "Why Attack America"
2) second discourse: the defense of the Muslim community
Muslim lands are invaded, plundered, and occupied by infidels, and Muslim civilians are killed in great numbers by "Jewish-Crusader" ie Israeli-American aggression against Islam and Muslims (look at Palestine, Chechnya, former Yugoslavia, Sarajevo, northern Nigeria)
Current Muslim governments are unable/unwilling to protect believers—and peaceful attempts to correct politics have done nothing. Also international peaceful remedies have failed (UN is tool of anti-Muslim aggression)
So, in situation where Islam is attacked but communal duty of defensive jihad is neglected, armed jihad becomes religious duty for every individual (Muhammad Abd al-Salam al-Faraj)
Goal is to push enemy who attacks Islam out of Muslim lands
Assumes that armed jihad is the defense of the Muslim community
Founding document 1996 "Declaration of War" by OBL, about strategy of hitting far away enemy