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reach half adult height by
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small intestine grows or shortens in length?;growsstool passage increase or decreases.decreases• toddler has full set of primary teeth by30 monthsBladder and kidney reach adult function by16 to 24 months;bladder capacity increases or decreasesincreasesurethra remains short or longshortswayback and pot belly appear due to weak muscles until3 years old.•Vision of ______ is considered normal20/40•Points, gestures, first words•12 mos:•repeats words•15 mos:•5-20 words; name objects•18 mos:•50 words •2 -3 word sentences 66% understandable•24 mos:•150-300 words •Multi word sentences 75% intelligible•30 mos:•1000 words3 year old:•3-4 word sentences3 year old:•Telegraphic speech3 year old:•Pronouns & plurals3 year old:•State name. age, gender3 year old:•Echolalia3 year old:Gross Motor Developmentrunning, climbing, jumping, pushing or pulling a toy, throwing a ball, and pedaling a tricycle•Walking alone at12-15 months•Runs at24 months•Throws ball overhand at18 months•Walks up ______ and down ______ stairs. Alternate feet ______(18 mos) (24 mos) (36 mos)•Pedal tricycle36 mosFeed self finger foods, point•12-15 month:: Scribbles spontaneously•15 month•Turn multiple pages, remove shoe/sock, Tower of three to four blocks18 month:• Simple puzzles, scribble/paint24 month:Undress, Tower of 8-10 blocks, copy circle, turns pages one at a time•36 month:Sensorimotor(12-24 mos.)Preoperational(2-7 yrs.)Serving size _____ food per year of age1 tbsp.Juice ____ ounces per day diluted with water at most!4-6Milk intake _____ a day2-3 cups >1 year whole milk >2 years can switch to skim/low fatphysiologic anorexia.Appetites of toddlers decrease dramatically due to growth rates declining and this is a normal occurrenceFeeds self and drinks from cup (with spilling):15 months•Uses spoon and cup (without spilling):2 years•Handy with a fork:3 years•AAP recommends dental visit by1 year of age•Primary teeth in by2.5 years13.5 hours of sleep per day•18-month-old:•13 hours of sleep per day24-month-old:•: 12 hours of sleep per day3-year-old•Most children discontinue daytime napping at around3 years of ageRear facing until at least2 years of ageFront facing car safety seat2- 4 years of age•Average weight gain is ____ a year4-5 lbs/year•Average height gain is ____ a year.2.5 to 3 inches/Birth length double by4 yrs•Myelination of the spinal cord allows forbowel and bladder control to be complete;•20 deciduous teeth should be present. Eruption of permanent teeth may beginpre schoolRides a tricycle3 yearsBends over without falling3 yearsClimbs and runs well3 yearsThrows , kicks & Catches a ball•4 years•Hops on one foot•4 yearsWalks up and down stairs using alternate feet•4 yearsJumps rope, begins to skate and swim5 yearsBalance 1 foot 10 seconds5 yearsSkips and hops (alternate feet)5 years•Draw circle, turn page 1 at a time • • • •3 yearsTower 9 cubes3 yearsUndress3 yearsTrace cross & copy a square4 years•Person 2-4 parts4 years•Use Scissors4 years•Draw a person 6 parts5 yearsCopies a triangle5 yearsCan print name5 yearsHandedness established5 yearsDress/undress,5 years•Three to four word sentences3 yearsTelegraphic speech - brief words to convey meaning3 yearsTalk incessantly & ask many questions4 years•Can follow 3 part command4 years•Literal meaning of words4 years•Adult-like structure of sentences•5 years•Four to five word sentences•5 years•Know songs•5 years•Names, coins, colors, knows days of the week•5 years•Imaginary playmates•Mostly around 2½ - 3 yearsmore likely to try new foods•By age 5Night Terrors•Occurs 1-4 hours after falling asleep