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  1. mouth (river)
  2. chasm
  3. delta
  4. arroyo
  5. piedmont
  1. a the area of land lying at the foot of a mountain range
  2. b a deep opening or crack in the earth
  3. c the dry bed of a stream
  4. d a deposit of earth and sand at the mouth of a river, usually in a triangle shape
  5. e the part of a river that empties into the sea or some other body of water

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  1. a very steep drop, often at the edge of a mountainside
  2. a line that marks the end of a plateau and the beginning of the lower plains;
    many cataracts and waterfalls occur along this line
  3. a narrow strip of land, with water on two sides, that connects two larger bodies of land
  4. a chain or group of islands
  5. the beginning of a river, usually a spring

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  1. tributarya river that runs into another larger river


  2. inleta narrow strip of water that extends from a body of water or that runs between two islands


  3. mountain rangea large waterfall, or a part of a river that rushes quickly, usually because of rocks below the surface


  4. glaciera large plain high above sea level


  5. straitthe highest point of a mountain or hill