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  1. canal
  2. cataracts
  3. fiord (fjord)
  4. port
  5. estuary
  1. a a long, narrow bay bordered by steep cliffs
  2. b a large waterfall, or a part of a river that rushes quickly, usually because of rocks below the surface
  3. c a place along a coast where ships can be sheltered from storms;
    in towns or cities, a place where ships can load and unload their cargo
  4. d a waterway dug through land in order for small ships or boats to pass
  5. e a broad mouth of a river, into which the tide flows

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  1. a deposit of earth and sand at the mouth of a river, usually in a triangle shape
  2. a deep opening or crack in the earth
  3. the part of a river that empties into the sea or some other body of water
  4. land that is surrounded by water on all sides
  5. the area of land lying at the foot of a mountain range

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  1. seaa large, salty body of water


  2. peninsulaa piece of land extending far out into a body of water


  3. glaciera very steep slope or drop-off of land or rock


  4. archipelagoa chain or group of islands


  5. precipicea very steep drop, often at the edge of a mountainside