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  1. plateau
  2. inlet
  3. sea
  4. source (river)
  5. fiord (fjord)
  1. a a large plain high above sea level
  2. b the beginning of a river, usually a spring
  3. c a large, salty body of water
  4. d a narrow strip of water that extends from a body of water or that runs between two islands
  5. e a long, narrow bay bordered by steep cliffs

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  1. a river that runs into another larger river
  2. a place that collects and stores water, often a large lake created by damming a river
  3. a small, high plateau with a flat top and steep rocky sides
  4. a mass of ice and snow that builds up because the winter snowfall exceeds that summer melting;
    usually formed in the mountains and moving slowly down it
  5. the dry bed of a stream

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  1. canala waterway dug through land in order for small ships or boats to pass


  2. archipelagoa river that runs into another larger river


  3. baya part of a sea or large lake that extends into the land


  4. mountain rangea row of connected mountains


  5. isthmusa narrow strip of land, with water on two sides, that connects two larger bodies of land