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Holds liquids; Used for heating liquids; Not a measuring device
Medicine Dropper
Used to transfer liquids
Bunsen Burner
Used for heating
Test Tube
Container for reactions
Test Tube Rack
Holds test tubes
Graduated Cylinder
Used to measure volumes
Mortar and Pestle
For crushing solids
Used to pick up things in the lab
Utility Clamp
Attaches to ring stand; Supports flasks/test tubes
Iron Ring
Used to support funnels and wire gauze/beakers
Ring Stand
Used as a support; Rings and clamps attach to the stand
Spatula or Scoopula
Used to transfer solids
Tongs/Crucible Tongs
Used to pick up and hold substances; For moving materials; For use with crucibles
Evaporating Dish
Used to evaporate liquids from a mixture
Liquid transfer; Separation techniques
Glass Plate
Used as a cover
Beaker Tongs
For moving hot beakers
Crucible and Cover
For heating small amounts at high temperatures
Watch Glass
Used as a cover or sample plate
Stirring Rod
Used to agitate liquids or mixtures
Test Tube Brush
Used to clean glassware
Wire Gauze
Support used to hold glassware when being heated
Clay Triangle/Pipestem Triangle
Used as a support for funnels and crucibles
Test Tube Clamp/Tongs
Used to hold a test tube while heating
Used to light a Bunsen Burner
Erlenmeyer Flask
For heating and holding reactions

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