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America - Pathways to Present Chapter 7

Homestead Act
for a small fee settlers could get 160 acres of land if lived there 6 months
Indian Removal Act
moved 10,000 Indians off their homeland to Oklahoma
Great American Desert
grass lands from Mississippi River to Rocky Mts.
Pacific Railway Act
Railways given public land which they sold to arriving settlers at a profit
Ghost Dance
ritual, Wokoka, a shaman, prayed for return to glory days - danced in a circle
Buffalo Soldier
African American Union soldier
Sand Creek
Colorado site where Chivington massacred 150-500 Cheyene mostly women & children
Little Big Horn
Custer's Last Stand - Sioux in Montana (Crazy Horse, Sitting Bull) outnumbered, killed Americans
US commander in Wyoming massacred Sioux led by Red Cloud
Wounded Knee
officers tried to arrest Sitting Bull Pine Ridge South Dakota - last major violence Indian war
Dawes Act
abolished Indian tribes, established reservations, taught farming