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Echo-Diseases of the Aorta

Aortic Dilatation
> 37mm
Msr at level of aortic annulus and sinus of Valsalva (M-mode)
easily detected in 2D echo
Ave diameter of adult aorta
Most Common in patients with
Marfan syndrome or annuloaortic ectasia (medial layer of aorta weakens and dilates)
Also seen in patients with aortic stenosis and HTN
Aortic Aneurysm locations
Anywhere along the thoracic aorta, often extend into the abdominal aorta.
Most common - the arch & descending ao just beyond subclavian artery
Aortic Aneurysm of Sinsus of Valsalva
Best seen in 2D imaging
Short axis during diastole
Rupture usually occurs (but not limited to) right side of heart
Can be aquired or congenital
Aortic dissection
results from intimal tears of aortic wall.
force of blood flow destroys the media further and strips intimal layer from the adventitial layer to create a FALSE LUMEN
2D visualization
Imaging of the intimal flap dividing the true lumen from the false lumen should be viewed in more than one view. Color Doppler blood flow thru lumens.
Other 2D echo findings assoc w/ Ao Dissection
Enlarged LV, Ao regurge,pericardial effusion, left pleural effusion