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  1. hepatology
  2. dermatology
  3. rhinal
  4. -ectomy
  5. Dermatitis
  1. a inflammation of the skin
  2. b study of the liver
  3. c Exit Tommy
    Surgical Removal
  4. d The study of the skin
  5. e pertaining to or of the nose

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  1. is an involuntary contraction of the intestines
  2. denotes the plastic or surgical repair of the gum
  3. He pat
  4. indicates a condition of the stomach
  5. Angel (bloodvessles)

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  1. arthr-Art


  2. spasmSpaceman (involuntary contract)
    Involuntary contractions


  3. Path-He pat


  4. nephrotomysurgical incision into the kidney


  5. enter-pertaining to or of the intestines