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  1. hepatology
  2. pathologist
  3. -ectomy
  4. gingivoplasty
  5. Aden-
  1. a study of the liver
  2. b Exit Tommy
    Surgical Removal
  3. c specialist in the study of diseases
  4. d denotes the plastic or surgical repair of the gum
  5. e A den

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  1. Blue fur
    Eye lid
  2. He pat
  3. inflammation of a joint
  4. Surgical removal of all or part of a gland
  5. I test
    In flamation

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  1. Angi-Angel (bloodvessles)


  2. DermatitisDoormat


  3. spasmHe pat


  4. -otomyOh Tommy!
    Cut into


  5. Cardiologistspecialist in the study of the heart


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