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  1. pathologist
  2. gingivitis
  3. gastrectomy
  4. -osis
  5. -ology
  1. a specialist in the study of diseases
  2. b inflammation of the gums
  3. c surigical removal of all or part of the stomach
  4. d Oh sis!
    Any Condition
  5. e Hollow Cheese
    The study of

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  1. inflammation of the stomach and intestines
  2. Cards
  3. inflammation of a joint
  4. the surgical repair of an eyelid
  5. refers to any disease of the brain

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  1. Path-Daisies


  2. -otomyHollow Cheese
    The study of


  3. gingiv-Angel (bloodvessles)


  4. hepatologystudy of the liver


  5. nephrotomyOh Tommy!
    Cut into