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Test one in SPED

What does SLD stand for?

Specific Learning Disabilities

What does DDD stand for

Intellectual and developmental disabilites

What does ED/BD stand for?

Emotional and Behavorial disorders

What three types of disabilities fall under high prevalence disabilities ?


students identified as having ____ disabilities account for 70-95? of ALL students receiving special education services.


What is person first language?

putting the person before the disability

"I am a teacher of children with mental retardation." is an example of what kind of language

person first language

What does IDEA stand for?

Individuals with Disabilities Act

What year was the original IDEA passed?


what was the original name of IDEA?

Education for all Handicapped children

When was the IDEA name changed?


What does prevalence rate mean?

how often something occurs

what are 3 high-prevalence disabilities

SLD-specific learning disabilities
DDD - Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities
ED/BD Emotional and Behavorial Disorders

Which high-prevalence disability affects the highest percentage of children?

Specific Learning Disabilities SLD

Why would we see a drop in disability population?

change in assessing children or change in diagnosis of a disability or better awareness and services for children before admitted to special education

According to IDEA what is the purpose of special education?

Special Education focuses on kids individual needs

What does OT stand for?

occupational therapist

what does PT stand for?

physical therapist

What does SLP stand for/

speech language pathologist

What related service has the highest percentage of children?

SLD - specific learning disability

Where is initial placement?

general education classroom

what is the professional education group affiliated with Special Education?

CEC the council for exceptional children

What is the least restrictive environment for children?

general education classroom

When the general classroom does not work what are the next placements in order from least to most restrictive?

Resource room,
Special class placement,
Special Day school placement,
home or hospital bound,
residential programs

What does zero tolerance mean?

no tolerance for mis behavior

What does zero reject mean?

the zero reject requires that no student with a disability be excluded from a public education

What does IEP stand for?

Individual education plan

What is an IEP?

all children receiving special education must have an IEP which is a plan that details their special learning needs and mandates appropriate services(both short and long term goals)

What is the purpose of an IEP?

IEP sets short and long term goals, transition plans, projection for the student each year, legal contract between parent and school

What is reponse intervention(RTI)?

response intervention is when a student is struggling, and teachers will use a four step model to help them to prevent referral to special education

define manifestation determination

example of manifestation determination would be if you are trying to determine whether a child's misbehavior is because of an incident or result of disability

What is the plan that provides appropriate education and support services to young children and their family( ages birth to 5 )?

IFSP - Individualized Family Service Plans

What is non-discriminatory testing?

non - discriminatory testing says the test must non discriminate on basis of race culture, or ethnicity and MUST be given in child's native language

Who would make up an IEP meeting?

parents, general educator, special educator, psychologist, really anyone who has direct contact with the student

What is the most common co-teaching model?

team teaching

If you are in an inclusive classroom and you divide the classroom in half, one half goes with the special education teacher and the other group stays with the general teacher, what is this teaching method called?

parallel teaching

At what age must a transition plan be set up?

age 16

What is the purpose of a transition plan?

a transition plan helps to determine the child's path after graduation to the community, vocational programs, college or employment

What would be some barriers for collective collaboration?

power struggle, planning times, different expertise, personality clash, time schedule

If you have a conflict in your collaboration team then what would you do?

first, talk with your collaboration teacher and then department chair

What doe we call students from linguistically diverse backgrounds?

ELL (English language learners)
ESL(English secondary language)

What is an at risk learner?

an at risk learner is a student at risk for not performing on grade level

an at risk learner will undergo manifestation determination and potentially receive special education.

Students identified as having _____ disabilities account for 70 to 95 percent of ALL students receiving special education services

mild disabilities

What are a few advantages of labeling?

a label is required for IDEA
- categories justify for local and federal funding
-sparks social concern
-identifies learning disabilities
- assessment approaches
-specialized teaching methods

What are a few disadvantages of Labeling?

- could be ineffective schooling
-exaggerates a students actions to teacher
-diagnosis could be questionable
- reasons for school failure

What does the doctrine of Least Restrictive Environment refer to ?

the least restrictive environment legislation states that children with disabilities should be educated with children that do not have disabilities

What is due process?

due process states that all documents are confidential and the parents must be involved in all aspects and placement

What are the two ways to approach special education in a general classroom?

1. collaborative consultation
2. Co-teaching/team teaching

What is collaborative consultation?

collaborative consultation is when a general educator CONSULTS a specialist, who recommends STRATEGIES and then the general education teacher REPORTS progress
- collaborative consultation is also known as the "drop-in " specialist
- collaborative consultation is popular because it saves money

What is team/co-teaching?

team teaching is when the general and special education teachers assume responsibilities for same class

What are some advantages of team teaching?

-class management
-more individual attention

What are some disadvantages of team teaching?

-power struggle
- who's in charge?
-personality clash

What is mainstreaming?

mainstreaming is integrating children with temporal physical, instructional and or social needs into an environment with typical peers.
-generally, special education is provided outside the mainstream environment

What is inclusion?

Inclusion is the practice of providing students with disabilities their services within the general education classroom

What is partial inclusion?

partial inclusion is where the student receives most of his education in the general education classroom but may be pulled out for special services

When a student spends less than 21% of his time outside the general education classroom the government this as ___ _____ placement.

general education
- students with LD usually are in this category

___ ____ _____ includes self-contained programs, in which students with LD are not usually placed.

Special lass placement

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