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  1. Taylor Lautner
  2. Emily
  3. Bella
  4. Egyptian
  5. Eric
  1. a In love with Edward (like we wish we all were)
  2. b Sam's fiancee, second cousin to Leah Clearwater
  3. c Jacob was portrayed by _______________ (First and Last Name) in the movie, Twilight.
  4. d Bella's friend, described to be the "overly helpful chess-club type." He has black, oily hair, and acne
  5. e Tia, Benjamin, and Kebi's coven of vampires (which coven?)

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  1. Bella's first friend in Forks, has dark curly hair, and had a crush on Mike in the beginning of the saga
  2. the third book in the saga
  3. Charlie loves to ________ on the weekends. (Hint: seafood)
  4. Alice's car (Yellow _____________ 911 Turbo)
  5. caramel colored hair, a vampire, pale skinned, adoptive mother of Rosalie, Emmett, Jasper, and Alice, Carlisle's mate

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  1. DenaliTanya, Carmen, Eleazar, Kate, and Garret's coven of vampires (which coven?)


  2. heroinYou are exactly my brand of __________. (What goes in the blank?)


  3. AliceYou are my __________ now. -Edward Cullen (What goes in the blank?)


  4. heartthe only girl in the La Push werewolf tribe, sister of Seth


  5. Nikki ReedYou are my __________ now. -Edward Cullen (What goes in the blank?)