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  1. Renesmee
  2. vegetarian
  3. Jasper
  4. Alice
  5. Kristen Stewart
  1. a the newest of the Cullen Clan, vampire, can change emotions of those around him, Alice's mate, honey blond hair
  2. b half vampire-half human, daughter of Bella and Edward, grows quickly but will stop growing at about the age of seventeen, a quick learner, still has a pulse, and can show pictures to somebody by touching them
  3. c Bella was portrayed by ____________ (First and Last Name) in the movie, Twilight.
  4. d the type of vampires that only feed off of the blood of animals
  5. e fortune teller, with short spiky black hair, Jasper's mate, pale skinned, a vampire

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  1. a friendly boy who has a crush on Bella. His family owns the local sporting goods store
  2. something Edward does...Hint: Do I (dazzle) you?
  3. the island Bella and Edward had their honeymoon on that was a gift from Carlisle to Esme
  4. she makes a minor appearance in Breaking Dawn, in which Jacob met her at a park
  5. What vampires drink

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  1. ReneeAngela's boyfriend


  2. appleon the cover of Twilight, someone is holding a(n)________


  3. Paul(Last name is Ateara) member of the werewolf pack, very muscular, glad to be a wolf


  4. CharlieBella's dad, ex-husband of Renee, chief police of Forks, with brown, curly hair


  5. Jamesa tracker who tracked Bella down in Twilight, but was later destroyed by the Cullens, a vampire, Victoria's mate