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  1. Hardwicke
  2. talks
  3. Jasper
  4. fish
  5. Volvo
  1. a Charlie loves to ________ on the weekends. (Hint: seafood)
  2. b The last name of the director of the movie, Twilight. Her first name is Catherine.
  3. c the newest of the Cullen Clan, vampire, can change emotions of those around him, Alice's mate, honey blond hair
  4. d Edward's car (silver _________ S60R)
  5. e Bella ___________in her sleep.

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  1. Where Bella first heard Edward's hallucinatory voice in New Moon with Jessica (What city?)
  2. the vampire who loves Bella
  3. Where Jacob lives
  4. Vladamir and Stefan's coven of vampires (which coven?)
  5. Tanya, Carmen, Eleazar, Kate, and Garret's coven of vampires (which coven?)

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  1. vampireswhat the Cullens are


  2. vegetarianTia, Benjamin, and Kebi's coven of vampires (which coven?)


  3. Pheonix, ArizonaWhat Edward will have to eat if he and Bella move to Antarctica


  4. Taylor LautnerHis last name is Crowley, and he's one of Bella's classmates. He almost ran over Bella with his car, but Edward saves her.


  5. heartLook after my __________, I've left it with you. (What goes in the blank?)