Chapter 2 Bio-Rad Biotechnology

Danger to the eyes exist. Safety goggles should be worn
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Use caution when handling hot or extremely cold objectsThermal SafetyCare should be taken when using electrical equipmentElectrical SafetyPoisonous plants or plants with thorns are to be handledPlant SafetyDanger involving Bacteria, Fungi, or ProtistsBiological HazzardUse of open flame could cause fire or explosionOpen Flame AlertCare must be taken to dispose of materials properlyDisposal AlertNational Fire Protection Association (NFPA)establishes codes, standards, guidelines, and recommended practices for the prevention and control of fireHealth (NFPA)blueFire Hazard (NFPA Label)redFlammibility (NFPA)yellowBSL-1no special precautions; basic teaching labs (E. coli)BSL-2Indigenous microorganisms that can lead to diseases of varying severity in healthy adults.Dillution formulaC1V1=C2V2Molarity formulamoles of solute/liters of solutionminuscusis the curve that you see at the liquids surfaceMicropipetteA laboratory instrument used to measure, dispense, and transfer very small amounts of liquid.serological pipetteUsed to measure and deliver large volumes of liquids.disposable pipetdisposable object used to transfer small volumes of liquidvolumetric flaskfor making up solutions to a known volumeweight boatUsed to weigh or transfer chemicals (usually dry)on a mass scalescale used to measure massBeakerused to hold liquidsErylenmeyer Flaskbetter than beaker for mixing, so substance doesn't splashgraduated cylinderinstrument used to measure volume of a liquidlab notebooknotebook for recording information important to a study, such as design, procedure, and the planned analysisStandard Operating Procedures (SOPs)specific sets of written instructions about how to perform a certain aspect of a taskpercent error formulaexperimental value-accepted value/accepted value x 100Titrationa measured amount of a solution of unknown concentration is added to a known volume of a second solution until the reaction between them is just completemolar massthe mass of one mole of a pure substanceChemical Label3 parts to a label (ID of Chemical, Date and Initials of Who made the chemical)

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