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Inductive reasoning

reach a conclusion based on specific examples


the conclusion of the inductive reasoning reasoning

Deductive reasoning

is a process of reasoning logically from given facts to a conclusion

fact ex-*5

definitions, postulates, theorum, axions and properties

what two things can you measure, what tool, and what unit

line, ruler, metric-standard / angle, protractor, degrees


an angle whoes measure is grater than 0 and less than 90

0 < 2x +3 < (90/180)

acute/streight ineaqualtiy

Right angle

an angle that measures exactly 90 degrees

2x +3 = 90

right equation

obtuse angle

an angle whoes measre is grater than 90 and less then 180

90< 2x +3 < 180

obtuse inequality

1 degree is equal to _mins


1' is equal to __ seconds


proportions are used to solve a degree problum; PROPORTION

to ration/fractions set rquall to each other where the product of the means equalls the product of extreams

example both ways to set up the proportion

ex/mean = mean/ex ...or... mean x mean = expl x expl


the two (segments / angles / triangles) are congruent if they have the same measure ( length / degree )

segment + positive

cobining two segments AB + BC = AC

angle+ positive

putting two angle togeather to form 1, A1 + A2 = A3

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