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the belief in one God as the creator and ruler of the universe, without rejection of revelation. Theistic religions hold a belief in God or in multiple gods.


belief in one God


belief in many gods


belief that the divine reality exists in everything

Non-theistic religions

do not hold a belief in a god who is essentially relevant for us, although they sometimes do hold a belief in various divine or semi-divine beings


most religions teach that the supreme or ultimate realty is revealed to humans in some manner. This usually takes place in sacred stories or myths, or through various types of religious experience


Religion commonly begins with the religious experiences of individuals.


generally belongs to the category religious experience, although it has doctrinal aspects.


equated with falsehoods


People who believe in a religion generally believe in something namely the creeds, doctrines, or teachings of their religion.


includes many sets of teachings that respond to that question: for example, the Ten Commandments in the Christian tradition.


a formal worship practice, often based on the reenactment of a myth or sacred story


the involvement of communities within the worship experience. A sense of belonging to a group such as a tribe, parish or congregation where a person shares faith experiences.


Architecture of cathedrals, temples, and other structures of worship and the art within them. Icons - crucifix, statues of Buddha, Holy Bible, Torah, Koran, etc.

Comparative Methodology

studying religions should bring about a greater understanding of other religions and to your own Catholic faith.


the capacity for seeing things from another's perspective


the study of the universe

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