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Byzantine Empire
n 비잔틴 제국 the Eastern portion of the Roman Empire Constantinople was the capital of the Byzantine Empire.
n 용어 a word or group of words designating something What is the term to describe someone who doesn't want to spend money? expression
refer to
v phrase 가리키다 to call or give something a name The land of the morning calm is used to refer to Korea.
n 일부, 부분 a smaller piece from the the whole I only ate a small portion of meat. piece
Roman Empire
n 로마제국 the post-Republic phase of the ancient Roman civilization The Roman Empire was once the mightiest in the world.
v (성질·시간·상태 등이) ...에 가까워지다, ~ 에 접근하다 to get close or near to something They've approached bankruptcy on two occasions. border
n 파멸, 멸망 destruction Our once great city lies in ruins. decay
adv 자주 many times I was frequently bothered by salespeople on the phone. often
n 침략자 one who enters a place forcefully as an enemy We managed to stop the invaders from entering the city. intruder
v 달래다 to satisfy or relieve She tried to appease the sad child by offering him some chocolate. pacify
n 조직 a process by which things are highly structured and in order Tony's work space lacks organization. alignment
n 장엄함 impressiveness of surroundings All of the magnificence that the old hotel once had, has now faded away. splendor
Emperor Justinian
n 유스티아누스 황제 the second member of the Justinian Dynasty and Eastern Roman Empire Emperor Justinian is considered a saint among Eastern Orthodox Christians.
take the throne
v 왕위에 오르다 to become absolute ruler The king took the throne when he was only a child.
서력기원 이후(After the Common Era) non-religious way to say 'After the Common Era' Many historians will use ACE because it has no religious meaning.
n 통치 control of government Under Stalin's rule, many people suffered a great deal. command
v 회복하다, 되찾다 to get back or regain I was able to recover most the data on her computer. recapture
fall into the hands of~
v ~의 수중에 들어가다, ~의 손에 맡겨지다 to become the possession of another Be careful not to let this information fall into the hands of the enemy.
pay off
v (협박자 따위)에게 입막음하기 위해 돈을 주다 to give one money so that they will either do or not do something The politician paid off some important people so they would support him. bribe
keep~ at bay
v (적·재난 등을) 다가오지 못하게 하다 to stop something from doing harm He fed the dogs pieces of bread to keep them at bay until help could arrive.
with the help of~
adv phrase ~도움으로 with the assistance of With the help of some good friends, he was able to find a job.
General Belisarius
n 벨리사리우스 장군 General Belisarius is a well-respected military leader of the Justinian period General Belisarius helped Justinian recapture much of the Western Roman Empire.
v ~를 수로 압도하다 to have fewer numbers than an oppenent I was outnumbered by my enemy 2 to 1.
adj 승리를 거둔 having achieved a victory We were victorious on the playing field. successful
n 치세 a period of time in which a person is king or queen During the Queen's reign, the country expanded its borders. rule
v 정복하다 to overcome by force We conquered our enemy after a long battle. defeat
n 수집, 수집물 the accumulation of things over a period of time We have a collection of his most famous writings. compilation
v 버리다 to get rid of something When I fish, I will typically discard anything that is too small. eliminate
v (사실·진술이) 모순되다 to speak the contrary or opposite of If you let her talk enough, she will eventually contradict herself. challenge
in total
adv phrase 전체로, 총계~ all together In total, we walked for five days in the mountains.
Code of Justinian
n 유스티아누스 법전 a new set of laws that reorganized the older ones that were used to govern the Roman Empire under Justinian I The Code of Justianian is the basis for many modern laws.