Semester 1 Final Faith


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Creator of heaven and earth and all things
Catholic Sacramental Lense
Invites people to recognize and encounter the holy in all of creation
Images of God
Changes over time as your relationship with God grows and strengthens
Communication with God
Repeated symbolic action
Concrete action or object that points to a deeper meaning
Liturgical Year
Calendar of the church
The belief in God
Not having belief in God
One who has no opinion about God
God's gift of self
The Messiah/Christ who is the Son of God
Kingdom of God
The ability to see God in all things
Jesus as the Primordial Sacrament
The beginning, or fundamental sacrament which makes God's kingdom present in his person, message, and actions
People who take the word for word meaning of a text
People who take into account the historical circumstances of the author and the genre of a text
John the Baptist
Cousin of Jesus, baptized Jesus
One of the 12 apostles, First to recognize Jesus as Messiah
One of 12 apostles, brother of John
One of 12 apostles, bother of James
King of Jerusalem who killed John the Baptist
Jewish law enforcers
Jewish lawmakers
Chief Priests
Highest, most respected Jewish leaders
Blind man who Jesus healed
Synagogue official who begs Jesus to save his daughter
Syro-Phoenician Woman
"Dog" or non-Jew who begs for Jesus to banish the demon from his daughter
Woman who anoints Jesus
Very poor woman who pours a bucket of expensive perfumed oil on Jesus' head to anoint him before he died
1.) healer
2.) teacher
3.) suffering servant
4.) gathers/includes
What are the images of Jesus in the Gospel of Mark?
1.) secrecy and misunderstanding
2.) articulation of the Kingdom of God
3.) rejection
What were the key themes in The Gospel of Mark?
Life-long process turning to God and away from sin
30-40 years after Jesus had died
When was the Gospel of Mark written?
Primary sacrament which is based on Jesus' ministry
Sacramental Dullness
The inability to see God in all things
Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults
The Church
community of disciples (people who follow Chirst)
What are the Sacraments of Initiation?
heart of the sacraments, invites us deeper into the community we are part of
Sacraments of Initiation
originally analogous to the process of washing up, drying off, and going out to eat
-Baptism, Confirmation, and Eucharist all at the same time (Easter Vigil)
-washing up, drying off, going out to eat
What was the original order of the sacraments?
-Baptism as baby, Eucharist in 2nd Grde, and Confirmation as a teen
-washing up, going out to eat, then drying off
What is the Modern American Order of the sacraments?
Original Sin
state of broken relationship with God and others into which we are all born.
returning to God from the original state of broken relationship we inherit from previous generations.
when original sin is healed in baptism, it still leaves behind an effect. The tendency to sin
1.) Turning from West to East
2.) disrobes
3.) dunked 3 times
4.) white robe
5.) embraced by community
What are the symbols of Baptism?
Sacrament of Reconciliation
Used to heal broken relationships from within the community
Activity that exists primarily to sustain a community
1.) Contrition
2.) Confession
3.) Absolution
4.) Penance
What are the four acts of a Confession?
Repentance, or an expression of sincere remorse for sins a person has committed
Open acknowledgment of sins committed in the presence of a priest or bishop
Act of forgiveness bestowed upon the penitent from the Church
An act, either public or private, which needs to be completed in order for forgiveness to happen
Anointing of the Sick
Offered to people who are in "death of danger"- but are not necessarily dying. Works to heal the community
1.) prayers
2.) laying of hands
3.) confession (Penitential Rite)
4.) Anointing
What are the 4 Steps that occur during Anointing of the Sick
Becoming perfect or divine
God's gift of self
Symbol given by Jesus and used by the church to give grace
Ordinary minister of Confirmation
What you are anointed with during Confirmation
Sacrament of Initiation that continues and strengthens the grace of Baptism
Easter Vigil
Night before Jesus rose from the dead
Celebrates and answers our basic needs of community and relationships
Basic minister
Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults
1.) Introductory Rites
2.) Liturgy of the Word
3.) Liturgy of the Eucharist
4.) Concluding Rites
What are the rites of the mass?
Purity (cleanliness)
Baptism- turning west to east, disrobing, dunked 3 times, white robe, anointed with oil, embraced by all community
Eucharist- bread, wine, readings, songs
Confirmation- laying on the hands, anointing with oil, name of saint
What are the Sacraments of Initiation and what are their symbols?
-Baptism, Confirmation, and Eucharist all at the same time (Easter Vigil)
-washing up, drying off, going out to eat
What were the original order of the sacraments?
-Baptism as baby, Eucharist in 2nd Grde, and Confirmation as a teen
-washing up, going out to eat, then drying off
What is the Modern American Order of the sacraments?
1.) Azepeitia- born and baptized
2.) Pampolona- where he was wounded in battle
3.) Castle Loyola- place where he was brought to die, but recovered. He read the only books there for entertainments: The Bible
4.) Montserrat- where he became a pilgrim
5.) Manresa- where he felt God had taught him about love for humanity, and the mystery of the trinity; dwelled in a cave
6.) Jerusalem- walked in the footsteps of Jesus, but was asked to leave because it was unsafe
7.) Paris- education, boat didn't come to take him to the Holy Land, made new friends who are known as the Jesuits
8.) Venice- ordained a priest, taught children about God
9.) Rome- created the Jesuits, stayed to be the administrator
What were the Major Events in Ignatious' life?
Seeing God in all things
All things in the world are presented to us so that we can know God more easily and make a return of love more readily
Companions of Jesus
God has become human in Jesus so that we can be his friends, or companions.
Discernment of Spirits
In order to pay attention to God, we need to pay attention to our own desires and feelings.
Movements of Consolation
Feelings of deep and lasting joy, or increased closeness with God or other people
Movements of Desolation
Feelings which leave us isolated, selfish, fearful, or hateful
to follow our deepest joy, we need to have interior freedom from all these distractions
Heartfelt Spirituality
faith is not just about the beliefs in our heads, but also the feelings in our hearts
Cura Personalis
Latin for "care of the person"—attention to people's individual needs and respect for their unique circumstances and concerns
Ad Maiorem Dei Gloriam
to the greater glory of God, the glory of God is the human person fully alive
Contemplatives in Action
an active spiritual attitude—a way for everyone to seek and find God in their workplaces, homes, families, and communities.
life is a journey to God. In this life, we are never perfect. We are still God's works-in-progress
Men and Women For Others
express a deep commitment to social justice and a radical giving of oneself to others
Highly educated leaders who are a religious order of the Catholic Church
1.) Seeing God in all things
2.) Companions of Jesus
3.) Discernment of Sins
4.) Indifference
5.) Heartfelt Spirituality
6.) Cura Personalis
7.) Ad Morium De Gloriam
8.) Contemplations in Action
9.) Pilgrimage
10.) Men and Women for Others
What are the 10 Principles or Themes of Ignation Spirituality
Who we are called to be and what we are called to do
The love of a couple extends beyond just the two and reaches the whole community
Becoming a priest, nun, and bishop
Authority the lays down the law
Geographic location that contains priests
Study of the Catholic Church
State-wise, separation from your previous spouse
Church-based, marriage never happened
Sexual Morality
Sex is only okay when married and procreation
Sexual identity
Clear understanding of myself as a person made up of body, mind, heart, and spirit
Sexual Harassment
Unwelcome behavior of a sexual nature that make someone feel uncomfortable
Spiritual Exercises
Guide for Jesuits on a retreat
Sacramental Imagination
God is present in the whole creation and human beings