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AS Tort cases

Donoghue v Stevenson
Woman drunk ginger beer containing a decomosing snail
Langley v Drake
Reasonably forseeable a high speed car crah would result in injury
Hill v Chief Constable of West Yorkshire
Not sufficient proximity since Miss Hill was at no special risk
Mulcahy v MOD
Not f, j, or r to impose a duty since the injury took place during an active combat situation
Glasgow v Muir
Man on the Clapham Omnibus
Bolton v Stone
Cricket balls went over the fence very rarely and therefore harm was unlikely
Paris v Stepney
Claimant at risk of complete blindness and employer should have taken more precautions
Latimer v AEC
Not practical to expect the factory to close in response to slippery floor
Watt v Herts
Rescuing trapped woman outweighed risk in not securing lorry jack
Barnett v Chelsea and Kensington
Would have died whether or not there hospital treated him
Smith v Leech Brain
Claimant particularly vunerable to serious injury but defendant was obligued to take their victim as they found them