Carr Ch. 5

A quality of a measure concerning how dependable it is
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Reliability: the test-retest method assesses whether a measure is consistent over _______-timeReliability: a method of testing robustness in which the similarity of results is assessed after administering one subset of an item to a sample and then another subsetsplit-halfReliability: the process of administering some measurement protocol to a small preliminary sample of subjects as a means of assessing how well the measure workspilot testingThe degree to which a study establishes a causal effect of the independent variable on the dependent variableinternal validity of a studyThe degree to which a measure truly and accurately measures. the defined conceptinternal validity of a measureValidity: a dimension of validity concerning whether a measure looks validfaceValidity: your measure closely matches a pre-existing measure of the same concept, at the same time, that is already known to be validconcurrentValidity: a dimension of validity concerning how strongly a measure correlated with a measure that it should predictpredictiveValidity: in predictive validity, the measure correctly predicts scores on a criterion that will only be available in the ________futureValidity: a dimension of validity concerning how well a measure encompasses the many different meanings of a single conceptcontentValidity: in content validity, a measure must capture all of the _________ of a conceptdimensionsValidity: a dimension of validity concerning how well multiple indicators are connected to some underlying factorconstructValidity: construct validity applies when the concept being measured is _________, like depressionintangibleValidity: ____________ validity is about whether the responses capture the unobservable conceptconstruct