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  1. Me llamo...
  2. ¿Qué hay de nuevo?
  3. No muy bien
  4. Chau
  5. Hasta pronto
  1. a Not very well
  2. b My name is...
  3. c Bye
  4. d See you soon
  5. e What's new?

5 Multiple choice questions

  1. And you? (formal)
  2. Nothing
  3. I would like to introduce to you...(formal)
  4. (Very) well, thank you
  5. Likewise

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  1. Encantado/aDelighted; pleased to meet you


  2. ¿De dónde es usted?Where are you from? (familiar)


  3. Mucho gustoPleased to meet you


  4. ¿Y tú?And you? (formal)


  5. Te presento a...I would like to introduce to you...(familiar)