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2 types of conflict

internal and external

rising action




falling action






Freytag's pyramid

exposition, conflict (internal or externalri), sing action, climax, falling action and resolution

historical setting

when the time and place of a story is accurate to historical setting


emotion created in the reader

point of view

perspective of the narrative voice

first person point of view

where the story is told by the main character

third person point of view

where the story is told by somebody else



descriptive details

five senses in your writing

figurative language

writing that is not meant to be taken lightly

implied theme

suggested or stated indirectly

character's motive

technique that authors use to portray a character

major character

character who plays a major role in the story and is not the main character

minor character

people in the story who are not the main part of the story


method used to develop a character


a sign that a character has

biographical narrative

a narrated biography

6 genres of literature

novel and novella, short story, nonfiction, poetry, drama and American Folk Literature

What are novel/novellar


Describe novel/novella?

They are long works of prose fiction that tell a story

Is a novel shorter than a novella?


What 3 things do the novel and novella have?

Plot , conflict and resolution

What do the longer works of fiction have?


What are

Smaller plots related to the main one

What does the plot explore?


What is the

The general idea about life given in the story.

What are short stories?


What is nonfiction

It is prose writing that

What are the 4 types of nonfiction?

autobiography, biography,exposition and essay

What is an autobiography?

The story of a person's life written by that person

What is a biography?

the story of a person's life writen by someone else

What is an exposition?

presents and explains information

What is an essay?

________ prose works about a particular subject

What is drama?


What are two types of drama?

staging and dialogue

What is staging?


What is dialogue?


What does poetry make greater use of?


What are stanzas?

It arranges lines and groups rather than in sentences and paragraphs

What are the forms of poetry?

elegy, epic, ode, sonnet, narrative poem, ballad

What is elegy?

a _______formal poem about death or another serious topic

What is epic?

A long narrative poem that tells the adventures of ___________ characters

What happens in the epic?

The story is __________ to the history of a nation, race or religion

What is a sonnet?

___________ lyric poem with one of several rhyme schemes

What is a narrative poem?

It tells a _______-

What is a ballad?

A form of verse meant to be sung or recited

What is american folk literature?

It is made up of stories that were handed down through the generations

What does the word folk mean?

It indicates that these stories were made up by the folk, or people, for the people

What are the three types of american folk literature?

Folk tale, myth and tall tale

What is an folk tale?

a story passed on by ____________ for the prupose of teaching the ideas and values of a culture

What is a myth?

a story made up with tales of ________, heroes, or animals to explain natural occurrences or customs or beliefs.

What is a tall tale?

_____________ story that recounts exaggerated events in a matter-of-fact way, using the everyday speech of the common people

The plot of a story or novel is


Plot is important because


5 elements of a plot are

climax, exposition, falling action, resolution and rising action

What effect does conflict have on plot?


Why is conflict needed in a story or novel?


What is the difference between external and internal conflict?


What are the three ways a character can experience external conflict?


Use the three types of external conflict in sentences.


Explain how writers use time ot organize plots


What three terms are related to plot organization?

Chronological order, flashback and foreshadowing

What is chronological order?


What is flashback?


What is foreshadowing?


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