10 terms

Parts of a Map (The Southwest Region)

Which four important parts are labeled on the map?
title, inset map, compass rose, and legend
According to the title, what is the map showing?
Southwest Region
What is another name for the four main directions on a compass rose?
Cardinal directions
Name the intermediate directions on the compass rose.
Northeast, Northwest, Southeast, and Southwest,
What does the legend show on the map?
The legend explains symbols on the map.
Name the city that is cloest to an international border. What country does this city border?
Tucson ; Mexico
Why is the Southwest Region highlighted on the inset map?
Becasue it's the United States
How many regions of the U.S. are shown on the inset map?
If deserts were added to the map, would the symbol be shown on a compass rose, an inset map, or on a legend?
Which state is the farthest west in the southwest region?