40 terms

Projectile Motion Ch. 3

Vector Quantity
A quantity in physics, such as force, that has both magnitude and direction.
Scalar Quantity
A quantity in physics, such as mass, volume, and time, that can be completely specified by its magnitude, and has no direction.
An arrow whose length represents the magnitude of a quantity and whose direction represents the direction of the quantity.
The vector sum of two or more component vectors.
One of the vectors, often mutually perpendicular, whose sum is resultant vector. Any resulant vector may be regarded as the combination of wo or more components.
The process of resolving a vector into components. In optics, a measure of how well closely adjacent optical images are disinguished.
Any object that moves through the air or through space, acted on only by gravity (and air gravity resistance, if any).
An object that falls around earth or some other body rather than falling into it.
free fall
when the only force acting on an object is gravity
an object in free fall is know as a
same rate
neglecting air resistance all objects fall at the _________ _______
9.8 m/s2
acceleration due to gravity (g)
zero initial velocity
9.8 m/s
if you drop an object, its speed will increase ______ every second
initial velocity
throwing an object downward is just like dropping an object, only with _____ _________
upward, downward
when you throw an object up, it has _______ initial velocity and ______ acceleration
9.8 m/s
you throw a ball straight up as it rises the ball slows down by _______ each second
you throw a ball straight up when it reaches the top of its path the ball's speed is...
9.8 m/s
you throw a ball straight up as it falls, the ball's speed increases by _________ each second.
9.8 m/s2 downward
you throw a ball straight up the entire time the ball's acceleration is...
you throw a ball straight up it takes the ball the _______ amount of time to rise as to fall
you throw a ball straight up the ball returns to you hand with the same _____ it left with
down, vertical
because gravity pulls straight ______ it only affects the ____________ motion of a projectile.
stays constant
the horizontal velocity of a projectile always...
free fall
the vertical velocity of a projectile acts like an object in...
the curved path followed by a projectile under the influence of constant gravity only
the only thing that can cross the line of the columns of horizontal and vertical is....
horizontal acceleration always because the ball is in free fall
90 degrees
to give a projectile max height launch it at an angle of...
45 degrees
when launching a projectile from level ground the angle that will result in max range is...
horizontal displacement
complementary angles
_____________ ________ will result in the same range
air resistance
frictional force air exerts on a moving object; acts opposite in direction to the object's motion
hang time
the total time the object is in the air
speed in a given direction
change in velocity
distance and direction of an object's change in position from the starting point
a quantity that has magnitude and direction`
magnitude only
a vector that is the sum of two or more other vectors