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Chapter 1

Scientific methods

are organized ways to answer questions and solve problems


is a possible answer to your questions


observations and facts gained from experiments


describe objects that have length and width but not height


describe objects that have length, width and height


is a conclusion drawn from data and observations


is a step by step instructions on how to perform a test


is a careful way of looking for something


process of asking questions and searching for answers


is an object or device used to perform a task


first study what other scientist have already learned about the answers to thier questions.

observations are made

with senses and tools

Research study references

encylopedias books, magazines or journals, Interent and more.


to help you see objects that are far away


to measure temperature


to anaylsis data


use several lenses to make objects appear much larger


Read activity carefully,clean work area,

scientific methods include

experiments, observations, survey, and sampling


things that change

independent variable

is the thing that you changed

dependent variable

the thing you must measure or observe

controlled variable

the things you keep the same


are objects or ideas that represent other things


keep records , organize your data, presenting data(bar or line graph)

bar grqph

uses rectangular bars to compare data

line graph

connect points of data on a graph with straight lines

line graphs

are used to show patterns of data over time.

reasonable answer

should not favor one opinion over another unless its supported by evidence.


is the knoledge, process, and products that solve problems and make life easier

science and technology

solve problems with health, transportation, construction, communication.


helps sciencist and others extend their senses(hearing, seeing, touch)

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