25 terms

American Government #2

Representative Government
A government that serves the will of the people.
Connecticut Compromise
The Great Compromise, agreement to have two houses , one equal and one by population (House and Senate).
Petition of Rights
Even the King has to obey the law.
When you don't buy something.
The Intolerable Act caused...
The first Continental Congress.
The second Continental Congress caused...
We create an army, set up our money, and make treaties.
In the charter colonies, most governmental matters were handled by whom?
The colonists.
Give four main ideas of the Declaration of Independence
Everyone is created equal, everyone has rights, the government is the people, and the governments job is to protect rights.
What influenced the Framers in developing the Constitution?
State constitution, Rousseau and Locke.
Which colony was founded mainly as a place for personal and religious freedom?
After the Revolutionary War, the National Government was too ___ to handle its problems.
In Benjamin Franklin's opinion, the final Constitution created by the delegates can best be summarized as what?
Nearly perfect.
The government set up by the Articles of Confederation had how many branches? How many house in the legislature?
One, unicameral.
Give an achievement of the Second Continental Congress.
Created an army.
'The Federalist' was written to win support of the Constitution in what state?
New York.
Much of the Declaration of Independence consist of what?
Complaints against the King.
Much of the work of the Framers centered around the proposals that had been set out in which plan at the convention?
The Virginia Plan.
The idea that the people have the right to abolish an abusive and unresponsive government was FIRST formally expressed by Americans in the what?
The Declaration of Independence.
What basic concept of government did the Magna Carta reflect?
Limited Government.
What characteristic of a state did the English colonies NOT possess?
What BEST describes the changes in British colonial policies in the later 1700's?
When crafting the new Constitution, the Framers drew from their experiences from what?
Writings from Rousseau.
Both the Connecticut Compromise and the Three-Fifths Compromise were crucial to the small States why?
Helped them gain power in new government.
why was it ironic that Virginia was one of the last states to gain power in the new government?
Virginia delegate James Madison contributed more to the document that any other delegate.
the objections of the Anti-Federalists can be BEST summed up as the fear of what?
That the new government would have too much power and the people would have too little.