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What was the first attempt to compile D&C called?
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Who received the second official declaration?Spencer W. KimballWho received the 138 section of D&C?Joseph F. SmithWho received section 139 of D&C?Joseph Smith Jr.Who received section 135 of D&C?John TaylorWho wrote section 136 of D&C?Brigham YoungWhen did Joseph Smith begin translating the Bible?1830Who was a school teacher who didn't think the language in D&C was good enough?William E. McClellenWho was the first president of the quorum of the twelve apostles (in this dispensation)?Thomas B. MarshWho chose the 12 witnesses?The 3 witnessesWho were the 3 witnesses?David Whitmer, Oliver Cowdery, Martin HarrisWhat occurred in February 1835?The twelve witnesses were chosenIn what year was the Kirtland temple dedicated?1836In what year was the great apostasy?1837Which two people of the quorum of the twelve apostles never faltered?Heber C. Kimball and Brigham YoungWhat occurred in 1838?It was the Battle of Crooked River, where Patten diedWhat major event happened when Thomas B. Marsh fell away?He signed a document that reached Governor Boggs and eventually helped spur the extermination order.Who also signed the document Thomas B. Marsh signed that spurred the extermination order?Orson Hyde.Who rejoined the church after 19 years of apostasy and dies in faith?Thomas B. MarshWho went on a mission to England, was president of the quorum of the 12 for 33 years, and dedicated the land of the palestine for the return of the Jews? He later apostatized again, but was re-admitted to the quorum of the twelve through the pleading of H.C. Kimball.Orson HydeWho apostatized, repented, and was editor of the Millenial Star?Parley P. PrattWho saves the prophet's life in January 1838?Luke Johnson; he apostatized but he heard that men were going to lynch Joseph Smith, and warned him.Who was the only other Pratt, besides Parley, who originally joined the church? He brought the gospel to Scotland, went on a mission to England, and taught 12 different subjects at a university and was people's favorite teacher. He was one of the first two people who made it into the Salt Lake Valley. He was the last living original apostle.Orson PrattWho had the most scholastic training of the called apostles and became apostate in 1837? He led a mob against the temple with guns and swords. He invented the fire extinguisher, and soda fountain. He died as an apostate.John F. Boyton.Who was the first apostle chosen by the 3 witnesses? He always regretted leaving the church in 1837.Lyman JohnsonWhen was Joseph told to restore the "plain and precious truths" of the gospel?1830What section is corrections from the Book of Revelations?77What does Adam-ondi-Ahman mean?The valley of God where Adam dwelt.What does Michael mean?He who is like GodWho was called to be a member of the twelve but apostatized before being put in?Jesse GauseWho replaced Jesse Gause in the quorum of the 12 apostles?Frederick G. WilliamsWhat means all knowing?OmniscientWhat means all powerful?OmnipotentWhat means all things are present with God?OmnipresentWhat does the Law of Harvest state?Whatever you sow, you reapWhat is Satan's law?That we should get something without working for itWhat is the Law of Justice?Every time you keep a commandment you receive a blessing and every time you break a law there is a punishment.What is the Law of Mercy?The punishment may be paid by a third party; the Savior is our mediatorWhat is section 84 about?The oath and covenant of the priesthoodWhen did Joseph see the Angel Moroni for the first time?September 21, 1823When did Joseph see the Angel Moroni on the Hill Cumorah?September 22, 1823When did Joseph actually receive the plates from the Angel Moroni?September 22, 1827When was D&C 84 given?September 22, 1832When did Joseph dedicate the first temple of this dispensation?August 3, 1831Who did Moses receive the priesthood through?JethroWho did Jethro receive the priesthood through?The Abrahamic lineWhat are the three names for the Aaronic Priesthood?Lesser, levitical, preparatoryWhat is the Melchezedich Priesthood called?The Holy Priesthood after the Order of the Son of GodWhat are the offices of the Aaronic Priesthood?Decon, Teacher, Priest, BishopWhat are the offices of the Melchezedich Priesthood?Elder, High Priest, Patriarch, Seventy, ApostleWhat are the keys of the Aaronic Priesthood?Ministering of angels, gospel of repentance, baptism by immersionWhat are the keys of the Melchezdeich priesthood?Proclaim the gospel, redeeming the dead, perfecting the saintsWhen did John the Baptist restore the aaronic priesthood?May 15, 1829What is section 87 about?The Civil WarWhat is section 88 called?The Olive LeafWhat does Saboath mean?Lord of Hosts (Hosts of Heaven); the complete name is Lord of the Hosts of HeavenWhat all does the Holy Ghost do?1. Testifies of truth 2. Comforts 3. Guides 4. Inspires 5. Warns 6. Enhances memory 7. purifies from sinWhere does the sun get its light from?The SaviorWhat is the difference between the kingdoms?LightWhat are the blessings that come from following the Word of Wisdom?1. Health in navel 2. Marros in bones 3. Find wisdom 4. Find hidden treasures 5. Run and not be weary 6. Walk and not faint 7. Destroying angels will pass by and not slay youWhat does apocrypha mean?Secret or hiddenTo see the face of God....1. Forsake sins 2. Come unto Christ 3. Call on Christ's name 4. Obey His voice 5. Keep the commandmentsWho was called to be a presiding bishop?Newl K. WhitneyWho was on the church building committee?1. Hyrum Smith 2. Reynolds Cahoon 3. Jared CarterWhen did the Saints sign the afficiado saying they'd leave?July 20, 1833What is Lex Toliomis?The Law of RetaliationWhere did most saints go when they left Missouri?Clay CountyWhich person in American history was ordained to be a high priest after he passed away?George WashingtonWhy does the church hold disciplinary counsels?1. To save the transgressor 2. To protect the innocent 3. To safeguard the church's purity, integrity, and good name 4. To keep the doctrine pure.Which drawn numbers in a disciplinary counsel seek to protect the accused?The evensWhich drawn numbers in a disciplinary counsel seek to protect the good name of the church?The oddsWhat are the five outcomes of a disciplinary counsel?1. No action 2. Informal warning 3. Formal warning 4. Disfellowship (record is flagged and there are things you can't do) 5. ExcommunicationWho was the great complainer of Zion's Camp?Sylvester SmithWho was a white Lamanite?ZelphWhich section was given during Zion's Camp and is about Zion's Camp?105What was Warren Cowdery called to be?A high priestWhat does Adam mean?Red, blood, earthWhat did Adam help do?Create the earthWho is the head of all dispensations?AdamWho stands second in authority to Christ?AdamWhat does Melchezedich mean?King of RighteousnessWho was the King of Salem?MelchezedichWho did Abraham pay tithes to?MelchezedichWho was going to be an apostle but died before he was put in?Lyman ShermanWhich section is the dedicatory prayer?109What occurred on March 27, 1836?The dedicatory prayer (section 109) was given; Joseph prayed to both Heavenly Father and JesusWhen was section 110 given?April 3, 1836Why was April 3, 1836 significant?It was the Jewish passoverWhat keys did Elijah bring?The sealing power and redeeming the deadWhat keys did Moses bring?The keys to the gathering of IsraelWhat keys did Elias bring?The gospel of Abraham (perfecting of the saints)Who knew of money that was hidden in a house in Masachussetts?William BurgessWhen was Section 115 given?April 26, 1838; the Extermination Order was given a year laterIn which section did Christ reveal what the church should be called?115Where will Christ return?Adam-ondi-AhmenWhat was April 26, 1839?-When the temple should be built -When the apostles should leave on missions to England -Wilfred Woodruff ordained to the quorum of the 12 apostlesWhich city took care of the Saints as they flee Missouri?Quincy, IllinoisWho sat on a stone and was ordained to be a member of the 12 apostles?Wilfred WoodruffWhen were keys given?April 3, 1836What happened on March 27, 1836?The Kirkland temple dedication and the pentecostWhat happened in July 1834?The fishing river miracle where saints were protectedWho makes up the counsel of tithes?The First Presidency, the Presiding Bishopric, The Quorum of the TwelveWho does the Lord compare Joseph to?JobWhat is Liberty Jail also called?A temple prisonWhat does Nauvoo mean?"Beautiful Place" in HebrewWho was the first mayor of Nauvoo and first assistant counselor to the First Presidency?John C. BemotWho was a land agent that helped the saints purchase the lands for Nauvoo?Isaac GallandAt whose funeral did Joseph Smith first mention baptisms for the dead?Seymour Brunson'sWhat did the Lord name the town across the river?ZarahemlaWhen was Zion's Camp?May 1834When were the 12 apostles chosen?February 14, 1835When was plural marriage ended?September 24, 1890When was the cornerstone dedicated?July 4, 1838Which section is called the appendix?Section 133Which four people were in Cathrage Jail at the time of the martyrdom?Joseph Smith, Hyrum Smith, John Taylor, and Willard RichardsWhat section was about the redemption of the dead?138What section was called "The Vision of the Celestial Kingdom"?137