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Exit row briefing
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In a few moments we will begin our inflight service. We are pleased to offer a variety of beverages and sweet and savory snacks for purchase from our Fly Bar

For a complete listing of products and pricing, please refer to the Fly Bar Snacks and Drinks menu located in the seatback pocket.

We accept most major credit and debit cards for onboard purchases, but we do not accept cash
Ladies and Gentlemen, we are beginning our initial descent into Denver. Please check to see that your seatbelt is fastened and remain seated for the remainder of our flight.

We ask that you also check around your seating area and in the seatback pocket for any cups, napkins or other service items you wish to discard. We'll be passing through the cabin at this time to collect them.
As we care about your safety, please pause the use of electronic devices, remove the Safety Information Card from the seatback pocket and direct your attention to the Flight Attendants.

To fasten your seatbelt, insert the flat metal end into the buckle. To adjust, pull the loose strap and to release, lift the top of the buckle. The seat belt should be worn low and tight across your lap.

This aircraft has eight emergency exits. There are two door exits in the front and two door exits in the rear of the cabin. In addition, there are four overwing exits, two on each side. Each is equipped with an evacuation slide that inflates automatically when opened and the slides at the forward and aft exit doors may be used as rafts. Red and white signs overhead and lights on the floor lead to all exits. Please take a moment to locate your nearest exits, keeping in mind they might be behind you. In the event of an emergency evacuation, leave behind all carry-on belongings.

Should there be a loss of cabin pressure, oxygen masks will drop from the overhead compartments throughout the cabin and inside all lavatories. Quickly pull down on a mask to start the flow of oxygen. Place the mask over your nose and mouth and adjust the fit by pulling on the elastic tabs. Make sure to adjust your mask first before assisting a child or others. Although oxygen is flowing, the plastic bag may not inflate.

In the event of a water evacuation, remove the life vest under your seat when instructed to do so by a crewmember. Pull the red strap to open the container, remove the pouch and pull the tab to one side to remove the vest. Place the vest over your head. Wrap the strap around your waist and insert the end into the buckle. Pull the strap to tighten. Once outside the aircraft, pull down sharply on the red tab or blow into the red tube near your shoulder to inflate the vest. The vest is equipped with a water-activated light. The location and use of life vests for small children may be found in the Safety Information Card.

An additional life raft is located in the overhead bin. Location and instructions for use of this additional life raft may be found in the Safety Information Card.
Also, on the Safety Information Card you will find instructions for use of the escape lines. Escape lines are designed to assist customers evacuating through a window exit and while on the aircraft wing during a water evacuation. They are located in marked overhead bins in the mid- cabin.

For everyone's safety and comfort, federal regulations require all customers to comply with posted placards and lighted signs throughout the cabin as well as crewmember instructions