10 terms

Chapter 3 CPT and HCPCS Coding

Medical Coding
CPT symbol bullseye ?
is moderate sedation symbol
Moderate Sedation ?
is procedure that is performed under "twilight sleep".
CPT symbol plus sign ?
is a add on code symbol
Add on Code ?
is a code that needs to be assigned with another code.
lightning bolt symbol ?
is FDA approval pending
triangle symbol ?
is a revised code number, description, etc has been changed
Bullet symbol in CPT coding book ?
is a new code symbol
a right and left triangle ?
is a new and or revised text symbols
a circle with a line through it symbol ?
is a modifier 51 exempt code
may not be used multiple times
more than one or multiple procedures were performed
Codes in CPT book that end in "99" ?
are unlisted procedure or services