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  1. Regions
  2. Physical Feature
  3. Secondary Source
  4. Interact
  5. Culture
  1. a Areas on Earth whoes features make them different from other areas.
  2. b Features formed by nature. Ex. Landforms, bodies of water, and plant life.
  3. c records of an event that were made by people who were not there.
  4. d How a group of people dress, their beliefs, the language the speak, and food they eat.
  5. e How humans and their surroundings affect one another.

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  1. Proof of when, why, where, and how things happened.
  2. The ways of life that have been passed down through history.
  3. The study of Earth and the people who live on it.
  4. A system of leaders and laws that helps people live safely together in a community, state, or a country.
  5. People who study Geography.

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  1. Historypeople who study the past.


  2. Historianspeople who study the past.


  3. Primary Sourcerecords of an event that were made by people who were not there.


  4. Point of Viewhow he or she sees things based on a person's beliefs or ideas. It can be affected by age, gender, wealth, background & experiences.


  5. Economythe study of HOW people use resources to meet their needs.