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  1. pervade
  2. prudent
  3. legible
  4. decrease
  5. outstrip
  1. a to spread throughout
  2. b to get ahead of, do better than, exceed
  3. c easily read
  4. d cautious, careful, showing good sense
  5. e to become or make less; a lessening

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  1. to turn aside sharply; a sharp or sudden turn
  2. a large-scale disaster, misfortune, or failure
  3. inclined to argue or debate; provoking debate
  4. not usual, not typical, strange
  5. to grow, thrive, be prosperous; to wave in the air; a dramatic gesture; a fanfare of horns

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  1. insubordinatea reason for doing something; something that stimulates action


  2. ejectto drive or throw out, evict


  3. nubto put out, extinguish, end


  4. simultaneousinclined to argue or debate; provoking debate


  5. incentiveto turn bottom side up, upset