25 terms

Chapter 1 Key Terms Part 3

Mr Weeman's class 2011 IRCS
Bulleted List
A series of paragraphs, each beginning with a bullet character
Characters that are displayed somewhat thicker and darker than those that are not bold
Text that has an underscore below each character
Text that has a slanted appearance
Quick Style
Predefined styles in the Styles gallery
Style Set
Consists of a group of frequently used styles formatted so they look pleasing when used together
Color Scheme
Each color scheme in a theme identifies 12 complementary colors so they look pleasing when used together
Font Set
Each font set in a theme defines formats for two fonts: One for headings and another for body text
The process of copying something from one place to your computer
A computer program that can damage files and programs on your computer
Selection Rectangle
The outside edge of a selected graphic
Sizing Handles
The 8 small circles on the outside edge of a selection rectangle
The process of moving up or down, left or right, in a document using either the keyboard or the mouse
The process of either enlarging or reducing the size of a graphic
File Document Properties
Details about a file, such as the author, title, or subject
File Keywords
Words or phrases that describe a document
Another name for Document properties
Automatically Update Properties
File document properties that are automatically updated when you access a file
Document Information Panel
Accessed by clicking the Office Button, this panel contains areas where you can viewand enter document properties
Standard Properties
Document properties associated with all Microsoft Office documents and include author, title, and subject
Hard Copy
A printed version of a document
Another name for a hard copy
Insert Mode
A method of inserting text into a file where Word moves all the characters to the right of the typed character one position to the right
Overtype Mode
A method of inserting text into a file by overwriting existing characters
Word Help
A tool in Microsoft Office for finding answers to questions and infromation about various topics