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  1. What type of a graph should I use if I was graphing the density different amounts of salt in liquids?
  2. What could your 3 samples be if you were studying the density of different amounts of salt in liquids?
  3. What is a direct observation?
  4. Where does the independent variable go on your graph?
  5. What is an observation?
  1. a on the bottom
  2. b using the 5 senses
  3. c no tool, use senses
    ex. see a pink sweatshirt
  4. d plain water, adding 2 different amounts of salt
  5. e line graph bc using # in order

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  1. the one containing nothing (zero)
  2. the one factor that changes in an experiement
  3. changes because the independent variable changes
  4. 10
  5. the one factor that stays the same

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  1. At what temperature does water boil in the metric system?100 C


  2. When writing a question for an experiment, where does the independent variable fit in the format?How does __________ affect (dependent variable) ?


  3. What would the dependent variable be if I was graphing the density of different amounts of salt in liquids?density of the water


  4. What is a qualitative observation?words
    ex. YELLOW pencil


  5. What is the unit for density?g/ml; g/cm cubed