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  1. What is the format for writing a prediction for an experiment?
  2. What is the formula for density?
  3. What is a control in an experiment?
  4. Where does the dependent variable on your graph?
  5. At what temperature does water boil in the metric system?
  1. a d = m/v (mass / volume)
  2. b on the left side
  3. c 100 C
  4. d the one factor that stays the same
  5. e If ___________ then ______________.

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  1. line graph bc using # in order
  2. the one factor that changes in an experiement
  3. How does _____________ affect ________________?
  4. qualitative; quantitative; indirect:direct
  5. 1,000

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  1. When writing a question for an experiment, where does the independent variable fit in the format?How does __________ affect (dependent variable) ?


  2. What is a dependent variablechanges because the independent variable changes


  3. What is an inference?a belief base on facts


  4. When using a balance to find mass, what is the first thing you should do?Celsius


  5. _____ cm = 1 m1,000


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