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An abbreviation for something, usually the first letter of each word such as PWL and PAL (public application launcher)

Address Bar

The box where you can type an internet address—usually ending with a .net, .com or .org (many others such as .gov)

Auto Sum

the shortcut in Excel that will allow a column or row of numbers to be added. The symbol is the Greek letter "Sigma" and looks like a sideways M.

Back Browser Button

The button that lets you return to the previous page that was loaded.


The actual letter.


program for the World Wide Web that allows users to read hypertext documents and navigate between them.


What you say before you sign your name. "sincerely, from, love, your friend etc."


What you must do before you can go on to the next level.

Complimentary Closing

Yours truly, etc.

Format Cells

To change the way the cells look and/or behave. Example: changing the numbers to $ or adding decimal places.


.In Excel, using the cells in mathematic equations = sum (A1 + B1) allows the numbers in the cells to be changed without rewriting the formulas of the operation.

Gross WPM

Your words per minute without subtracting for errors.

Home row

On the keyboard, where your fingers should hover- asdf jkl;


Text that is linked by an internet address to other documents on the internet. (Often called a link).

Inside Address

Who the letter is to: their address.


expression shows that all the cells from A1-A7 are to be used.and Center—To make one cell out of several highlighted cells and then center the content of that cell


Being polite in email and while using the Internet. Following 'protocol' for the internet.


Your words per minute after the errors have been subtracted.


Following the rules: for email, using the computers at school and using the Internet.

Range of Cells



Microsoft's organization of 'like' tools in Microsoft office.


Greeting in an email and letter.


The way to open a page in a 'new window' so that you do not have to navigate away from your previous page.

'Text speak'

Shortened, non-real words like U R and LOL for you are and 'laugh out loud'—used when texting, but should not be used in any formal writing.

Sheet tab

Switching between two excell file is done by clicking the tab at the bottom of the screen

Active Cell

In a worksheet, the cell with the black outline.

Column Letter

Columns run vertically on a worksheet.


The way something looks, or Verb to format is to change the way something looks or behaves

Format Bar

Located above the worksheet

Merge and Center

To make one cell out of several highlighted cells and then center the content of that cell

Row number

Rows run horizantally in an Excel worksheet

Perfect fit

double clicking the line between the columns to get the column to expand or contract to include all the data.

Formula view

shows the formula

Spread sheet or data sheet view

Shows the answers instead of the formula

Tilde key

Above tjhe tab key when control key is held down

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