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a lot

We have ______ of work to do today.


I will _____ your work for a grade as soon as you finish.

all ready

Are you _____ to take the test?

all right

Everythings is ______ today.


You should be _____ to take the test.

should have

We _______ all made a 100.

could have

I ________ made the test hard.

would have

We ________ all made a 100 if we studied.

every day

___________ you should take your supplies to every class.


__________ seems the same to me


Everyone wanted to sleep late _______ Julian.


I do not want to _____ my keys.


Some boys wear their pants so _______, the pants fall down.


Please _____ your homework on my desk.


Then you may _____ down.


Do you know _____ this is?


Do you know _______ absent today?

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