15 terms

Story of the World, Volume 2, Chapter 3

Roman monk, sent to Britain
to convert the Anglo-Saxons
to Christianity and to establish
the authority of the Roman.
Men under religious vows who
live in a community and whose
work is usually centered on
their community, which is called
a monastery.
the residence of a religious
community, esp of monks,
living in seclusion from secular
society and bound by religious
the bishop of Rome as head
of the Roman Catholic Church.
the skin of sheep, goats, etc.,
prepared for use as a material
on which to write.
a room, as in a monastery,
library, or other institution,
where manuscripts are stored,
read, or copied.
to take care of Christians all over the world
Some Christians thought this was the pope's job
from the slave traders
Where the pope first heard of Britain
King Ethelbert
told Augustine he could tell the people of Britain about Christianity
the name of the town where the first Christians in Britain Settled
Archbishop of Canterbury
was to be the leader of all Christians who lived in England
building furniture and cooking food
two of the jobs of the monks
Copied books by hand
beautiful paint and thin gold
used by monks to decorate their books
they were handwritten so it took a long time to make them
Why books were so expensive