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  1. arduous
  2. assail
  3. artifact
  4. anomalous
  5. apotheosis
  1. a abnormal; inconsistent
  2. b glorification of a person to the rank of God
  3. c a handmade object
  4. d difficult; strenuous
  5. e to attack; to assault

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  1. heaviness; weight
    ciężar; waga (ciała) (zwłaszcza nadwaga)
  2. to estimate the value of
  3. despotic; unlimited in authority
  4. to combine; to unite; to blend
  5. decreased; weakened

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  1. abutto touch; to rest on or against


  2. aphasiaashamed; embarrassed


  3. ascribeto attribute; to credit as to a cause or source.


  4. accreditapproach; admittance


  5. astringentsubstance that contracts blood vessels or shrinks tissues