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  1. appall
  2. arraign
  3. aegis
  4. automaton
  5. anneal
  1. a to heat and then cool; to toughen
  2. b a shield; protection; sponsorship
  3. c self-operating machine; robot
  4. d to accuse
  5. e to frighten; to cause loss of courage

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  1. to exchange (as words)
  2. something that calms or soothes
  3. rapid; quick
  4. to touch; to rest on or against
  5. pleasing to the taste or smell

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  1. averto aid; to encourage


  2. assentto agree; to accept


  3. adherentsticking fast; a follower or a supporter


  4. accordagreement


  5. allocateto abolish; to repeal