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  1. apocryphal
  2. accost
  3. ado
  4. apogee
  5. antipodes
  1. a to approach and speak to
  2. b fuss; trouble
  3. c opposite sides (of the earth)
  4. d doubtful; not authentic
  5. e farthest point away from the earth

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  1. place where birds are kept
  2. to warn
  3. to frighten; to cause loss of courage
  4. pleasing to the taste or smell
  5. going back to behavior found in a remote ancestor

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  1. astringenta wearing down or away; a decline


  2. avuncular
    giving assistance; subordinate


  3. arablegood for farming


  4. aberrationto accuse


  5. anomaloushelping; subordinate