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  1. abeyance
  2. banal
  3. affable
  4. ambivalence
  5. amulet
  1. a friendly; agreeable
  2. b conflicting feelings toward something or someone
  3. c a charm worn to keep evil away
  4. d a temporary postponement
  5. e common; ordinary; trite

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  1. to attach
  2. regarding; concerning
  3. to detest; to dislike strongly
  4. although
  5. to take possession of (verb); suitable (adj.)

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  1. anthropomorphicattributing human form to objects, gods, etc.


  2. beatitudestate of bliss, blessedness; state of great happiness


  3. acclivitypertaining to a deposit of sand formed by flowing water


  4. addendumsomething added as a supplement


  5. anomaloushistorical records


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