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  1. second filial generation (F2)
  2. mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA)
  3. homolog
  4. Western blot
  5. trait
  1. a More or less synonymous with phenotype.
  2. b ...
  3. c The progeny of a cross between two individuals from the F1 generation.
  4. d The subset of the genome found in the mitochondrion, specializing in providing some of the organelle's functions
  5. e A member of a pair of homologous chromosomes.

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  1. The progeny individuals arising from a cross of two homozygous diploid lines.
  2. Two successive nuclear divisions (with corresponding cell divisions) that produce gametes (in animals) or sexual spores (in plants and fungi) that have one-half of the genetic material of the original cell.
  3. Refers to an individual organism or cell having a genotype produced by recombination.
  4. The classical approach to genetic analysis, in which genes are first identified by mutant alleles and mutant phenotypes and later cloned and subjected to molecular analysis.
  5. A cross between two individuals identically heterozygous at one gene pair—for example, A/a × A/a.

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  1. product of meiosisOne of the (usually four) cells formed by the two meiotic divisions.


  2. tetrad(1) Four homologous chromatids in a bundle in the first meiotic prophase and metaphase. (2) The four haploid product cells from a single meiosis.


  3. model organism...


  4. chi-square (χ2) testA statistical test used to determine the probability of obtaining observed proportions by chance, under a specific hypothesis.


  5. histoneA type of basic protein that forms the unit around which DNA is coiled in the nucleosomes of eukaryotic chromosomes.