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  1. tester
  2. dominant
  3. homolog
  4. epigenetic:
  5. recombination
  1. a Nongenetic chemical changes in histones or DNA that alter gene function without altering the DNA sequence.
  2. b (1) In general, any process in a diploid or partly diploid cell that generates new gene or chromosomal combinations not previously found in that cell or in its progenitors. (2) At meiosis, the process that generates a haploid product of meiosis whose genotype is different from either of the two haploid genotypes that constituted the meiotic diploid.
  3. c An individual organism homozygous for one or more recessive alleles; used in a testcross.
  4. d A member of a pair of homologous chromosomes.
  5. e The phenotype shown by a heterozygote.

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  1. The two strains or individual organisms that constitute the start of a genetic breeding experiment; their progeny constitute the F1 generation.
  2. A double heterozygote such as A/a · B/b.
  3. A molecule composed of a nitrogen base, a sugar, and a phosphate group; the basic building block of nucleic acids.
  4. The occurrence in a population (or among populations) of several phenotypic forms associated with alleles of one gene or homologs of one chromosome.
  5. The substance of chromosomes; now known to include DNA and chromosomal proteins.

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  1. cytoplasmic segregationSegregation in which genetically different daughter cells arise from a progenitor that is a cytohet.


  2. haploinsufficient (Sec. 2.3.3)...


  3. genotypeThe cloning and molecular characterization of entire genomes.


  4. heterozygous gene pairA gene pair having different alleles in the two chromosome sets of the diploid individual—for example, A/a or A1/A2.


  5. chloroplast DNA (cpDNA)The small genomic component found in the chloroplasts of plants, concerned with photosynthesis and other functions taking place within that organelle.