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  1. heterozygote
  2. haploid
  3. meiocyte
  4. transcription
  5. wild type
  1. a A cell having one chromosome set or an organism composed of such cells.
  2. b The genotype or phenotype that is found in nature or in the standard laboratory stock for a given organism.
  3. c An individual organism having a heterozygous gene pair.
  4. d The synthesis of RNA from a DNA template.
  5. e A cell in which meiosis takes place.

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  1. The occurrence in a population (or among populations) of several phenotypic forms associated with alleles of one gene or homologs of one chromosome.
  2. A mutation that confers a mutant phenotype but still retains a low but detectable level of wild-type function.
  3. Refers to a genotype such as A/A.
  4. An individual organism that is homozygous.
  5. An organism or cell carrying a mutation.

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  1. translationThe ribosome- and tRNA-mediated production of a polypeptide whose amino acid sequence is derived from the codon sequence of an mRNA molecule.


  2. maternal inheritanceA type of uniparental inheritance in which all progeny have the genotype and phenotype of the parent acting as the female.


  3. Northern blottingThe classical approach to genetic analysis, in which genes are first identified by mutant alleles and mutant phenotypes and later cloned and subjected to molecular analysis.


  4. tetradMore or less synonymous with phenotype.


  5. monohybrid crossA situation in which an F1 is larger or healthier than its two different pure parental lines.


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