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Clean procedure

Clean technique refers to the use of routine hand washing, hand drying and use of non-sterile gloves.

When staff are instructed to use clean technique, they are being asked to at least wash their hands with soap and water, to remove all visible dirt from their hands, and to dry their hands. If gloves are used, clean, non-sterile gloves are appropriate.

When to use clean technique

Use clean technique if staff or objects will touch intact skin, intact mucous membranes or dirty (contaminated) items

Example of clean technique when to use

Clean tech is appropriate for:
1. Taking blood pressures
2. Examining patients
3. Feeding patients

Sterile Techniques

Sterile technique is used for surgery or the preparation of sterile materials for multiple patients. It involves:
Surgical hand rub with long acting antiseptic
Hands dried with sterile towels
Sterile field
Sterile gown, mask
Sterile gloves
Sterile supplies
Skin prep
A dedicated room

Example of sterile technique when to use

Use during surgery and for invasive procedures with high rates of infection
Any long invasive procedure
Placement of central lines and thoracic lines
Bulk preparation of IV fluids or medications

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