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Amendments 11-27 excluding the 14th


citizen of one state can't sue another state in federal court

Christian v GA

sues GA and wins judgement, can't keep it up, wouldn't form a more perfect union


seperate balance for VP and P, can't be from the same state


black codes, abolition of slavery in constitution


Right to vote regardless of gender, race, and background; grandfather clause

barriers to voting

literacy test, whites was easier than blacks; poll tax; and registration barriers


Income tax; those making a certain amount can be taxed


Direct election of senators; legislature had been electing corrupt senators


Manufacture, sale, consumption of alcohol- PROHIBITION


Right to vote for women, suffrage


Lame Duck, incumbant who isn't reelected; starting date is 1/3; oath of office is 1/20; VP fill in for P


repealed the 18th and prohibition, each state had seperate rules


presidential term is only 2 terms, max years is 10, FDR most terms, Grover Clevelan non consecutive terms


gives 3 electoral votes to D.C.


Poll tax banned


presisdetial succession is VP, by majority in senate and house; Agnew, Ford, and Rockefeller


Right to vote to kids of 18 yrs of age, during Vietnam draft age, fastest ratified amendment in 4 mon and 18days


Limiting congressional pay raises, can't do it in the middle of term, control their own pay, COLA= cost of living adjustment

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