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Arts and Crafts Movement
Design returned to handcrafted things with a purpose
Arts and craft movement was a reaction against what?
Social, moral, and artistic confusion of the industrial revolution
The leader of the arts and crafts movement was
William Morris
Writer and artist who inspired the philosophy of the arts and crafts movement
John Ruskin
The model/ inspiration for the arts and crafts movement
The gothic cathedral
why did they reject the machine made things?
with mass production came a breakdown in quality
Architect who built Red House
Phillip Webb
House with function and beauty, unlike most other houses that were square during that time
Red house
Red house was based off ___ shaped design
Morris est. an art decorating firm called-
"Morris, Marshall, Faulkner and Company"
the pattern of the arts and crafts movement
The press that Morris established and dedicated his life to
Kelmscott Press
"new classical" bring back classical art
Neo classical
Committed to recapturing the beauty of the Incunabula books, focus was form and function
Kelmscott Press
Pre-Rafielites painted ____ as their model
Jane Morris (Morris's wife)
like unions, kept things fair for workers, extended to religion, mininites and Amish created during this time
est. by Mackmurdo in 1882 in London
The Century Guild
Architect who was influenced by Morris and est. the Century Guild
Contributed several designs with swirling forms that are pure art nouveau in their execution
The Century Guild
Aimed to elevate the design arts to "their rightful place beside painting and sculpture"
Incorporated Renaissance and Japanese design ideas
Bridge between Arts and crafts and art Nouveau
The Century Guild
The first magazine devoted exclusively to visual arts, proclaimed their philosophy and goals, became the harbinger of the growing Arts & Crafts interest in typography, graphic design, and printing.
promoted good workmanship
The Hobby Horse
Magazine created by the Century Guild
The Hobby Horse was created by
two presses that were so popular they started the "private press movement"
(started a movement)
Oversaw the printing for the Hobby Horse and started the Chiswick Press
Sir Emery Walker
Laid out the rules for good Design, Book design is like architecture, the design should work with the whole scheme of the book
Chiswick Press
A design and printing movement advocating an aesthetic concern for the design and production of beautiful book. It sought to regain the design standards, high-quality materials, and careful workmanship of printing that existed before the Industrial Revolution.
Private press movement
Held exhibitions featuring demonstrations and lectures in 1888, including William Morris on tapestry weaving, Walter Crane on design and Emery Walker on book design and printing.
Arts and crafts Exhibition Society
famous American typeface designer, created 122 typefaces
Fredric Goudy
The Camelot Press
The Booklet Press
The Village press
(were all started and abandoned by __)
3 Presses that Goudy started and failed
Came up with the term "Graphic Designer"
-Goudy was his teacher
-Made Caledonia which is widely used for book design
William Addison Dwiggins
most important book designer of the 20th century
-very influential and setting the standard for the 20th century book
-Est. the Riverside Press
Albert Bruce Rogers
-Worked for the ATF, redesigned Bodoni and Garamond, made "Century Schoolbook"
-designed 225 typefaces
-studied human perception and did tests on what is easiest to read
Morris F. Benton
Unified typography/printing measurements and ran out small print businesses so the industry could have a standard
American Type Foundry (ATF)