A. Shields Unit 1 Vocabulary Workshop, Level C

20 Unit 1 Flashcards
Definition: an old saying about the meaning of life.

Part Of Speech: noun

Synonym: Maxim

Antonym: none

Sentence: The very old adage was said to come from the book of Proverbs in the Bible.
Definition: a large amount of wealth in a mine; a very expensive item; a way of getting wealthy; A large quantity; a wave of wealth

Part Of Speech: noun

Synonym: windfall

Antonym: none

Sentence: The windfall of money gave us a questionable reason why the bonanza showed up at the door.
Definition: someone who is impolite; harsh; hard to manage; impolite

Part Of Speech: Adjective

Synonym: Surly

Antonym: Civil

Sentence: The churlish man was very impolite to the people around him by smoking in a non-smoking area.
Definition: A place that gives support to a city; a place of control.

Part Of Speech: Noun

Synonym: stronghold

Antonym: none

Sentence: The citadel protected the city from harm until the enemy came and derstroyed the fort.
Definition: to unite together

Part Of Speech: Verb

Synonym: team up

Antonym: work alone

Sentence: We had to collaborate with the other team in order not to work alone.
Definition: A legal document; to give a legal document; to order someone or something.

Part Of Speech: Verb, noun

Synonym: verb- proclaim noun- edict

Antonym: none

Sentence: The Governor's decree resulted in the people's vote passing a new proclamation.
Definition: lacking in musical ability; not collaborating in harmony

Part Of Speech: Adjective

Synonym: shrill

Antonym: harmonious

Sentence: The poor old women was very discordant even the man had harmony.
Definition: to grow over time; to gain in a larger place

Part Of Speech: Verb

Synonym: unfold

Antonym: whither

Sentence: The human race had to evolve to not wither with the circle of life.
Definition: a paragraph from a piece of information; to cut out a passage; to use the same words.

Part Of Speech: Noun verb

Synonym: noun- portion

Antonym: none

Sentence: I used the excerpt from the paper for the portion of my project.
Definition: To touch with haste; to look about without sight.

Part Of Speech: verb

Synonym: fumble for

Antonym: none

Sentence: The blind person had to grope for the oranges and fumble for the apples.
Definition: To dangle over the edge; to sway.

Part Of Speech: verb

Synonym: waver

Antonym: soar

Sentence: In the circus the clown soared and hovered over the lion.
Definition: To go through with strength; to fall or crash over.

Part Of Speech: verb

Synonym: push

Antonym: none

Sentence: The paintings were jostled during the earthquake and pushed over the fruit.
Definition: n- a slow mover; Lingering behind; a slow reaction

Part Of Speech: noun adjective

Synonym: noun- slowpoke adjective- sluggish

Antonym: Noun- early bird adjective- prompt

Sentence: The young man had laggard behind, including his slowpoke wife.
Definition: joyful cheers

Part Of Speech: Noun

Synonym: acclaim

Antonym: ridicule

Sentence: The cheerleaders had many plaudits to say until the ridicule came along.
Definition: To make sure something does not happen

Part Of Speech: Verb

Synonym: hinder

Antonym: promote

Sentence: The car had to preclude in order not to hit the stopped car.
Definition: to give back

Part Of Speech: Verb

Synonym: relapse

Antonym: advance

Sentence: After my mom had to give back my shirt she aslo had to revert my shorts.
Definition: shattered rocks

Part Of Speech: Noun

Synonym: wreckage

Antonym: none

Sentence: The after mass of the fire was rubble, broken stones, and burnt wood.
Definition: acting like a maid, servant, butler, or slave

Part Of Speech: Adjective

Synonym: slavish

Antonym: masterly

Sentence: When President Lincoln was in office the slaves had to act servile.
Definition: a watch person; a time at which watching is necessary

Part Of Speech: Noun

Synonym: none

Antonym: none

Sentence: The dog is very vigil and is very watchful when it comes to movements outside.
Definition: To wrestle; to gather; a loud fight.

Part Of Speech: Verb and noun

Synonym: verb- squabble

Antonym: verb- agree

Sentence: The fisherman has to wrangle with the shark until he will concur it.

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