Haun Pre-algebra Quiz 5 (Chapter 1)

35 terms by bhaun

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Words for Quiz 5


the answer when I add


the answer when I subtract


the answer when I multiply


the answer when I divide


when you see this word in a problem, estimate!


a letter that stands for a mystery number


when we add, subtract, multiply, or divide. This can have numbers, variables, or both

algebraic expression

an expression that has at least one variable

numerical expression

an expression that has no variables

Substitution Property of Equality

if two amounts are equal, I can replace one with the other


find the answer to an expression


a statement that is true for any numbers

Commutative Property

only works for adding and multiplying. The order of my numbers will not change the answer. (Remember: moving)

Associative Property

only works for adding and multiplying. How the numbers are grouped does not change the answer. (Remember: who you are with)

Additive Identity

when I add 0 to anything, I keep the same number

Multiplicative Identity

when I multiply 1 by anything, I keep the same number

Multiplicative Property of Zero

0 times anything is 0


a math sentence that has an equals sign

open sentence

might or might not be true depending on what number we put in

Symmetric Property

if one number equals a second number, the second number equals that first number

If a=b, b=a

Transitive Property

if the first number equals the second number and the second number equals the third number, then the third number equals the first number

If a=b and b=c, then a=c

coordinate plane

where we plot points. It has an x-axis and a y-axis


the horizontal (↔) number line on a graph


the vertical (↕) number line on a graph


the point where the x-axis and the y-axis intersect: (0,0)

ordered pair

the numbers that tell me where a point is located on the graph


the first number in an ordered pair. Shows how far over the point is


the second point in an ordered pair. Shows how far up the point is


a set of ordered pairs


the x-coordinates in a relation


the y-coordinates in a relation

scatter plot

a graph where we plot ordered pairs on a coordinate plane

positive relationship

as one thing goes up, the other goes up

negative relationship

as one thing goes up, the other goes down

no relationship

one does not affect the other

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