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  1. Forgery involves...
  2. Which inchoate crime requires a SUBSTANTIAL STEP?
  3. Refers to a violaton of a court order that occurs in the presence of the court
  4. If a defendant is convicted of homicide by a vehicle while driving under the influence of alcohol or controlled substances, what is the mandatory minimum term of imprisionment he or she will be sentenced to?
  5. In general, the penalties for a DAI offense depends on what two factors?
  1. a BAC and Prior Convictions
  2. b false documents passed off as genuine articles
  3. c Direct Contempt
  4. d 3 yrs per victim, and must be consecutive
  5. e Contempt

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  1. Indirect Contempt
  2. Alibi
  3. Solicitation
  4. Possesion with intent to deliver
  5. Rico

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  1. Include defenses such as freedom of religion, freedom of expression, and freedom of assembly1st amendment


  2. The process by which both state and federal authorites can seize property or assets they believe were aquired with proceeds from illegal drug activityforfeiture


  3. Includes double jeopardy defense5th Amendment


  4. Retail theft involves theft ofmerchants


  5. The insanity rule in PA is calledM'Naughten