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  1. The categories of controlled substances used in PA's Controlled Substance, Drug Device and Cosmetics Act
  2. Often used in criminal cases to establish a defendents intent to deliver a drug
  3. Forgery involves...
  4. Includes heroin, cocaine, marijuana, and ecstasy, to name a few
  5. In PA, this defense may reduce first-degree murder to third-degree murder
  1. a false documents passed off as genuine articles
  2. b controlled substance
  3. c Vouluntary intoxication
  4. d Expert Testimony
  5. e Schedule 1-V

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  1. 3 yrs per victim, and must be consecutive
  2. Contempt
  3. Agreement
  4. Possesion with intent to deliver
  5. Contempt, Conspiracy, Solicitation

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  1. Include defenses such as freedom of religion, freedom of expression, and freedom of assemblycontrolled substance


  2. What is the difference between theft of an automobile and unauthorized use of an automobile?intent to permently deprive owner


  3. Referes to one's blood alcohol levelBAC


  4. Retail theft involves theft offalse documents passed off as genuine articles


  5. Crimes against publice order and safety such as disorderly conduct seek to achieve what societal goal?Cybercrime