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Program that confronted problems caused by economic consolidation by distinguishing between "good" and "bad" corporations. Roosevelt viewed U.S. Steel as a good corporation serving public interest, and corporations such as the Northern Securities Company as run by greedy financers and should cease to exist.
A "holding company" created by financer J.P. Morgan which owned the stock and directed the affairs of three major western railroads. Prosecuted under Sherman Antitrust Act by Roosevelt Administration as they monopolized transportations between the Great Lakes and the Pacific. Supreme Court ruling in 1904 resulted in it dissolving.
Woodrow Wilson's vision where the federal government would strengthen antitrust laws , protecting the rights of workers to unionize, and actively encouraging small businesses. This vision was encompassed by the overarching idea that corporations would be as the government that managed it, and that creating the proper conditions for an economic renewal without increasing government regulation of the economy would be the best solution.
A system consisting of 12 regional banks which was overseen by a central board appointed by the President and empowered to handle the issuance of currency, aid banks in danger of failing, and influence interest rates as to promote economic growth. Delayed response to Panic of 1907, when major banks failed.