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NWU Botany Tree Exam: Names vs. Descriptions and images

Nebraska Wesleyan University, Botany, Bio 50, Benham, Tree exam, Fall 2011
Panicum virgatum/switchgrass
Grass w/Open, feathery seedhead
Andropogon gerardii/big bluestem
Grass, seed head shaped like turkey foot
Ginkgo Biloba
Only fan-shaped (palmate) veining
juniperus virginiana/eastern red cedar
Light blue berries, scaled leaves
Larix decidua/european larch
Triangular needles in bunches, male pinecones look like buds, female cones < i inch. Deciduous
Pinus nigra/austrian pine
needles 3-6", bark does not smell sweet. Bark in "plates" (?)
Pinus ponderosa
LONG needles, grow in pairs or threes, barks smells like vanilla
Pinus strobus/white pine
short, softer bunches of needles, long, woody cones. Needles longer than pinus flexilus
Scotch Pine/Pinus sylvestris
Red bark at top of tree, 3 inch twisted needles
Douglas Fir/Pseudotsuga menziesii
"mouse leg" pine cone, needles single, flat and smell like candy
bald cypress/taxodium distichum
Behind dining hall. Feathery evergreen-looking needles, round green cone (looks like scaled ball), red fibrous bark
Acer X Freemanii/Autmn Blaze maple
Leaves green on top, white on bottom, deep lobes. Stems red.
Acer platanoides/Norway Maple
Big five pointed leaves, looks like a sycamore, different bark, double propeller seeds
Acer saccharinum/Silver maple
Leaves green on top, white on bottom, deeper lobes, greenish-white stems
Acer saccharum/sugar maple
leaves smaller than other maples, 3 points, green top and bottom
Aesculus hippocastanum/horsechestnut
leaves opposite, Palmately compound, only one on campus!
Betula nigra/copper river birch
Peeling bark, often multiple trunks, bark light copper color.
Celtis occidentalis/hackberry
Warty/corky-ridged bark, asymmetrical serrated, pointed oval leaves that are longer than wide. Distinguish from elm: Center vein not only prominent vein, bark pattern disorganized.
Cercis Canadensis/redbud
Heart-shaped leaves, twigs zigzag and are glossy brown
Fraxinus pennsylvanicus/emerald ash
Second tallest tree on campus, bark looks black/white from distance/diamond pattern, leaves opposite, pinnately compound, smooth. Single propeller samara.
Gymnocladus dioica/kentucky coffee tree
Bipinnately compound, long, leathery seedpods
Liriodendron tulipifera/tulip tree
Four pointed lobes, no center point
Platanus occidentalis/sycamore
"camo bark", large, seed is bumpy ball w/silky insides, leaf: flat bottom, lobed, large and roughly triangular
Populus deltoides/cottonwood
Leaves med/large triangular flat on bottom, serrated. NE state tree
Populus tremuloides/quaking aspen
White bark, leaves tremble in breeze, round/teardrop shape, turn yellow in fall
Quercus macrocarpa/bur oak
Deep rounded lobes, acorns have fringe on caps
Quercus palustris/pin oak
Deep, pointed lobes, small acorns
Quercus rubra/Northern red oak
Lobes not as deep as pin oak, pointed lobes, "hairless" acorn caps
Tilia americana/American basswood
Asymmetrical, serrated, heart-shaped leaves. Has bract of fruit
Ulmus pumila/Siberian elm
Leaves serrated, pointed oval, no leaf at end of twig. Lots of small, pendulous branches. Bark w/zigzag-like furrows. Bark has "bleach" streaks running down from wounds. Clear central vein.
Picea Pungens/Blue Spruce
Needles are single and not flat, has blue hue.
Lespedeza capitata/Prairie bush clover
Flat leaves, little bunches of pale yellow buds
Amorpha canescens/lead plant
Purple flowers, flat leaves.
sorghastrum nutans
Contained seedheads
andropogon scoparius
Seedheads less distinct than big bluestem and indian grass, but not as feathery as switchgrass