M. Schad Unit 1 Vocabulary Workshop, Level C

20 Unit 1 flashcards
Definition: a wise statement with a message on how one should live their life. A Proverb

Part of speech: noun

Synonym: maxim

Antonym: 0

Sentence: Poor Richard's Almanac has a particularly wise adage or aphorism.
Definition: a sudden gain of a massive amount of wealth

Part of speech: noun

Synonym: windfall

Antonym: 0

Sentence:His need for a bonanza or windfall of money grows each day.
Definition: lacking manners, rude

Part of speech: adjective

Synonym: surely

Antonym: civil

Sentence: The ill-tempered, churlish child refuses to go to bed at the correct time.
Definition:A fortress overlooking and protecting a city; a bastion

Part of speech: noun

Synonym: bulwark

Antonym: 0

Sentence: The glorious stronghold overlooking the fragile city is a citadel with no weakness.
Definition: a group of two or more people putting their ideas or work together to achieve a goal

Part of speech: verb

Synonym: join forces

Antonym: work alone

Sentence: Lets see who can team up and collaborate the best idea.
Definition: an order that is enforced as law

Part of speech: noun

Synonym: edict

Antonym: 0

Sentence: The mighty king's proclamation is a decree all the villagers have unanimously decided to follow.
Definition: non harmonic, disagreeable in sound

Part of speech: adjective

Synonym: grating

Antonym: harmonious

Sentence: The grating noise from the once beautiful song is the most discordant music ever heard.
Definition: rising to a higher level

Part of speech: verb


Antonym: atrophy

Sentence: Our hope is to evolve and emerge into smarter people through school.
Definition: (n) a passage taken from a book (v) to quote

Part of speech:verb, noun

Synonym: (n) extract (v) 0

Antonym: 0

Sentence: (n) For the essay, she needs a fantastic portion or a heart aching excerpt.

(v) He needs to excerpt the entire paragraph from the novel for his book report.
Definition: to blindly look for

Part of speech: verb

Synonym:cast about for

Antonym: 0

Sentence: The tired student needs to grope and fumble for the answer to the difficult question.
Definition: float or hang

Part of speech: verb

Synonym: seesaw

Antonym: soar

Sentence: The hungry vultures hover and linger around their possible prey.
Definition:Pushing, elbowing, bump, shove

Part of speech: verb

Synonym: push

Antonym: 0

Sentence:It is common for people to jostle and push each other during a concert.
Definition:Very slow

Part of speech: noun/adjective

Synonym:(n): slowpoke (adj): sluggish

Antonym:(n): early bird (adj.) prompt

Sentence: (n): A sloth is very notorious for being a straggler or laggard.

Part of speech: plural noun

Synonym: acclaim

Antonym: boos

Sentence: There is typically a lot of cheers and plaudits after an amazing concert.
Definition:To make impossible

Part of speech:verb

Synonym: hinder

Antonym: facilitate

Sentence: Failing her core classes will definitely check and preclude her chances of passing eighth grade.
Definition:To return

Part of speech: verb

Synonym: relapse


Sentence: It is best to revert and regress once one loses one's spot in a book.
Definition: broken stones or bricks; ruins

Part of speech: noun

Synonym: wreckage

Antonym: 0

Sentence: One learns many things through historical rubble and momentous debris.
Definition: acting like a slave or servant

Part of speech: adjective

Synonym: fawning

Antonym: overbearing

Sentence: The servile, groveling Cinderella is spending the entire day cleaning her step mother's home.
Definition: any period of watchful attention

Part of speech: noun

Synonym: 0

Antonym: 0

Sentence: The vigil is a watch with lots of important information.
Definition: (v) to argue noisily and angrily (n) a noisy fight

Part of speech: noun and verb

Synonym: (v) squabble

Antonym: ( v) concur

Sentence: She can vividly hear the wrangle coming from across the hall.

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