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- self awareness is the key to success, be honest not brutal

- life long learner

- discipline is a lesson that can be applied anywhere

- start a business, it sets you apart. He used a poshmark example about his wife

- networking; everywhere is an opportunity

- resume; include key words!

- Interviews in general: Do your research before, come with a page of notes in front of you; "Glassdoor" website tells you info about companies; "How to Make People Like you in 90 Seconds" was his book recommendation...guy who read it became #1 sales guy in company; he was asked to sell a bottle of water in an interview, he said he couldn't because he didn't know what he customer needed

In person interview: practice with someone; NEVER be late; know building and location well beforehand; look at whole panel when answer questions; don't look up and left or down

Phone interview: smile! People can tell if you're smiling. Have notes about company

Video interview: dress appropriately, make sure nothing is weird in background; they're watching your face emote so be careful; control environment as much as you can; practice!

- career fair: get list of 10 companies that interest you; do NOT start with your #1 choice; practice first. Have notes from research about company with you and be prepared for interview questions

- breathing; diaphragmic breathing

- Salary Discussions: know salary rate prior to interview; appropriate answer: "I would like to discuss what's typical for this job"; if given a range go 3/4 toward the top with the opportunity of 6 month reviews for potential merit raises (shows respect if you're new)

- What's your biggest weakness? "I used to be a perfectionist but I'm working on it"

- write handwritten thank you note! Stop at reception for their business card; look them up on linked in; Do something nice for them