Security Fundamentals Module 8 Review Questions

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Which attack intercepts communications between a web browser and the underlying OS?
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Theo uses the Python programming language and does not want his code to contain vulnerabilities. Which of the following best practices would Theo NOT use?Only use compiled and not interpreted Python code.What is Bash?The command-language interpreter for Linux/UNIX OSsGregory wants to look at the details about the patch a packet takes from his Linux computer to another device. Which Linux command-line utility will he use?tracerouteWhich utility sends custom TCP/IP packets?hpingWhich of the following is a third-party OS penetration testing tool?sn1perEros wants to change a configuration file on his Linux computer. He first wants to display the entire file contents. Which tool would he use?catWhich of the following is a tool for editing packets and then putting the packets back onto the network to observe their behavior?TcpreplayEstevan has recommended that the organization hire and deploy two security guards in the control room to limit the effect if one of the guards has been compromised. What is Estevan proposing?Two-person integrity/controlWhich of the following sensors can detect an object that enters the sensor's field?ProximityWhich of the following does NOT describe an area that separates threat actors from defenders?Containment space