Hjedesign lesson 6 & 7

To place a template onto a spread, you should first go to the __________________ section of the library panel.
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If you wanted to flip an entire template, you should first ______________________ on the spread.Select everythingThe "select shape with same" option is found in the ___________________ menu.editThe shortcut for text tool is _______The T key on your keyboardTo enter text editing mode _________________ on the text frame.double click________________ refers to the number of space between characters.TrackingYou'll know you had overset text when you see a _________________ on the lower right side of the text frame.Red plusTo select multiple text frames click on the _______________________.Shift keyIf any text formatting field is _____________ it means the selected text frames do not all match.EmptyTyping in the font field allows you to ______________ for specific fonts.Filter